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If happiness came in human form it would most definitely be in the shape of my band of the moment, and our band of the month, King the Kid. Formed in 2012, the charismatic trio come from the good ol’ US of A and have successfully delighted my ears and stolen my heart over the course of the summer so far.

Whilst hype is deservedly building in America as the band tour with the ever-popular Alex Goot, the three-piece are still relatively unknown in the UK – unless you’re big on YouTube musicians – but it feels like it’s only a matter of time before they could be crossing the pond to wow us Brits.

KTK, as they’re affectionately known by fans, deliver infectious pop-rock music (with some surprising influences chucked into the mix, namely the delightfully trashy Ke$ha), heavy on foot-tapping beats and catchy lyrics. Whilst they started with and continue to make great covers, they independently released their debut album, Start Something, in December 2012 and there’s not a bad song to be heard amongst the collection. When you consider that the production of the album is all their own doing, it’s pretty impressive. Favourites include You Know, I know!, Tale of a Secret Admirer & Get It Back, and that’s not counting their recent singles Name in Lights and A Song for Brittany, which aren’t on the album but are well worth a download. Similar in sound to the likes of The Cab, All Time Low, Reliant K and Boys Like Girls, KTK’s music is the kind you can rock-out, dance, and sing along to for days on end; what more could you ask for?

As with many musicians trying to get a foot on the musical ladder, KTK have made the most of the wonders of YouTube and they connect with their fans as if they’re all one big happy family. From insightful recording diaries and amusing tour videos to mundane but unmissable daily vlogs – and let’s not forget the tweets and photos – fans are made to feel as if they matter to the band as much as their music matters to the fans. It’s that sort of interaction that’s making them so popular.

Complete with colourful trousers, slogan t-shirts and winning personalities, King the Kid are about as entertaining as is humanly possible for three young musicians. They have a sparkly-eyed charm that other bands of their genre have dropped in favour of ‘playing it cool’. You won’t find KTK sitting around looking moody, expecting success to fall from the sky onto their laps, they’re too busy grabbing their dreams by the collar and putting on a show – something that’s gained them an army of loyal teenage followers. It’s not just teenagers who seem to adore KTK though; it’s the twenty-somethings and possibly even the thirty somethings too. Who knows, there may even be some grandmothers who could rock out in style to their music – watch out for an increase in broken hips this year…

So if you’re of the pop-rock persuasion do yourself a favour and buy Start Something. Why not trot on over to the KTK YouTube page whilst you’re at it and be entertained by their videos. With music this good who needs a new Backstreet Boys album?

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