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As a new band or artist, arriving at the most agreeable conclusion on as to how to best announce your project to the public is far from simple. The unprecedented levels of internal hype and eagerness can lead many to underthink their approach, maybe even discard one altogether, and bow out prematurely on grounds that their product was merely unmarketable at time of reaching out.

Any avid local music fan in Brighton with their ear to the ground right now may tell you they’ve either heard or seen the name Chalk Hands thrown about somewhere. The four-piece have only been on the scene a bare six months to date, but are already making fast advances at being a recurring highlight on the city’s live circuit.

What makes the initial evolution of Chalk Hands a pleasure to observe isn’t simply the music, however. Although their unique juxtaposition of tender post-rock sheen with hardcore machismo is certainly worth its merits, the other admirable quality lies in the wisdom that underscores the planning.

Burrows & Other Hideouts for example, the bands’ new two-track EP and very first recording, lands at a destination far removed from the grizzly demoed edits that tend to grace the bulk of artists’ introductions. By contrast, and to anything but their detriment, they opted not to rush out from under the veil. Aware that first impressions are crucial, Chalk Hands aimed higher from the offset; the band had identified the prestigious studio they wanted at the helm of their debut far in advance of actually going there, biding the time necessary in between to make the funds to finance the venture.

Being indebted to a bit of patience and a brief hole in the wallet, however, is a small feat to pay given the reception their efforts are appearing to afford them now. Whilst the band have utilised internal label Future Void for the release here in the UK (ran by drummer, Sam Barnes), already within weeks the EP has attracted the attention of overseas support, distant counterparts Dekaden now offering to handle distribution across South-East Asia.

A quick scroll through either of the bands’ many social media platforms gifts a consistent reel of links to glowing reviews. It’s certification not only that people are listening, but exiting equally moved by the powerful, near-cathartic energy that thunders from the heart of Chalk Hands’ music.

Plus, thanks to the original cover art courtesy of guitarist Tommy Lester (aka Diddums Doodles), it probably doesn’t hurt that it’s a damn fine-looking record, too.

Burrows & Other Hideouts is available now via Future Void. Chalk Hands play at The Quadrant in Brighton this Saturday, September 23rd.

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