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If you’re a keen and diligent observer of the local music scene in the South-East of England then chances are you’ve come across at least one of the musical endeavours tied to the Boo, Forever collective. Whether it live in the back room of a local bar, a name printed on a gig poster or via your friends’ social media page, individually at least Boo’s members have made it hard work for the regional journalist to miss their efforts.

So if you’re a fan of any of the works that Simon Norton, Benjamin Fletcher, Natalie Evans or Daniel Addison has been behind in the past then… well, I guess I’d be surprised if Boo, Forever hasn’t already claimed your embrace. However for those new to said personnel, the music of Boo, Forever illuminates a perfect marriage of ethereal folk (Mum, Volcano Choir) with the kind of production often affiliated with more contemporary electronic and glitch-pop music. The recordings chop, skew, reorganise, segue and harmonise vocals, phrasings and even samples, creating a masterful, collaged display of sound, yet all the while retaining focus on and always emphasising the songs themselves.

As a whole the idea appears both new and energised, and its results are equal measures beautiful and confounding.

Boo, Forever’s self-titled debut album is out now on Something Something Records here in the UK. You can listen to the album in full and purchase it both digitally and on 12” vinyl via the label’s Bandcamp page here.

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