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Adrianne Lenker gets a lot of interview requests. Recently, anyway.

The voice and current focus of Brooklyn, NY’s latest Indie Rock export, Lenker wasn’t exactly the shy type pre-2017. In fact, one can source numerous accounts of Lenker giving small alt-media outlet’s interviews across 2016 in conjunction with the bands’ debut, Masterpiece, so long as they look for it.

The difference, as easy as it is to assume, isn’t just more revered publications paying a greater attention on account of the band dropping a fantastic sophomore effort in this years’ Capacity. Pitchfork, Stereogum et al. are the mic, sure, but it’s the scent of a tabloid feast in the first place that draws them to the table.

From just a few listens, one can ascertain very quickly that Capacity is a record staged around the tender and sentimental. Dig only a fraction deeper, however, and the subjects of the songs it contains reveal a more bittersweet palette. This outing finds Lenker very open about specific events or memories, either in the first person or as a passenger to another’s encounters.

Lead single ‘Mythological Beauty’, for example, is Lenker’s vivid account as a child observing a period of great instability within her family, culminating with a scene whereby it’s revealed – and later confirmed by Pitchfork – that she almost lost her life in a freak treehouse incident that occurred of a similar time.

While the literal approach to lyrical content may enable us to cotton on, and subsequently interrogate, Lenker all too easily, what’s more important to address is the therapy it provides her with. After all, much like the rest of us, she’s just a confused soul seeking out some perspective amongst this mad world. Only difference is she has the courage to climb up there and say it.

Capacity is out now on Saddle Creek.

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