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A bit late on this one, but after watching this band perform at Blissfields, I can now clearly see what all the hype is about. With haunting, operatic vocals and a unique combination of soul, angst and emotion, there’s no surprise the blogger’s are buzzing for London Grammar. A mix of minimal electronica with forceful choruses mean they are still intimate enough to appeal to the keyboard masses but also mainstream audiences. Polite but powerful, London Grammar pioneer elements of new sub-genre ‘Chill wave’, think Florence Welch remixed with The XX.

Their collaboration with chart-topping dance duo Disclosure shows a slightly different side to London Grammar as Hannah Reid’s voice sounds almost classical against their electronic perfection creating a musical meditation set to be one of the sound tracks to summer and beyond.

Hannah Reid, Dot Major and Dan Rothman formed London Grammar after initially jamming in their halls of residence at university, to then playing small gigs in local bars. After posting their first single Hey Now online in December, the band has now welcomed over a million online hits. With the debut album due for release and a host of highly-anticipated gigs in the pipeline, the buzz for London Grammar is sure to go bang.

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