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For a band without a full-length, Ireland’s (all-dude) Girl Band have done pretty well in terms of accumulating sizeable interest. With their January single ‘Lawman’ having already received unanimous acclaim from both Pitchfork and Fake DIY, the four-piece have spent the majority of 2014 on tour – In fact the band is peddling viciously through a month-long outing of the European continent as we speak.

The attraction really could be a multiplicity of things. For one, the band’s comic attitude and reluctance to take their image too seriously has done well in gaining them the respect of those often antagonised by the more pretentious forces in music. And while stylistically Girl Band pummel and skit like the spit-coated walls of a Noise-Punk fracas, their subtle boundlessness (see last year’s cover of techno producer Blawan) has found them somewhat organically converted into one of the most thrilling new bands in the UK.

Commitment to propagating their following on the road of late might have slowed down progress on any album release, but it hasn’t stalled studio efforts entirely. This past Record Store Day the band dropped a small run of 100 copies for latest single ‘The Cha Cha Cha’. And whilst it teases along to just a mere 25 seconds in length, somehow it still manages to capture Girl Band tending to their repertoire, one that’s growing more absurd yet equally masterful with every step.

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