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BAFTA2013Last year the big BAFTA winner was, unsurprisingly, The Artist, and as we begin our countdown to this Sunday (10th Feb) the words on everybody’s lips are – who will be the big winners this year? Will it be a wonderfully British affair with Skyfall and Les Mis picking up the majority of golden statuettes? Will Beasts of the Southern Wild gain the recognition it deserves? Perhaps most importantly, who will reign supreme between Affleck, Tarantino and Bigelow? It’s a BAFTA battle and the anticipation is already high.

Want to know who the Culturefly Contributors are rooting for? Here are our predictions.

– Best Film (Argo, Les Miserables, Life of Pi, Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty)
Kane (@KaneBattlebear): The race for the big prize seems really close this year and while I’d love to see the brilliant Argo win, I think that the thoroughly British Les Miserables is probably in with the best chance of grabbing the glory.
Wibbleflopp (@wibbleflopp): I want Argo to win because they need recognition for their excellent use of ring binders and laminated catalogues. Lincoln will probably win… No idea why though, I’m from Lincoln and, to be honest, it’s pretty rubbish there…
Sam: As seen with ‘best film’ winners in the past, it tends to be a film that’s either historical or strays away from the mainstream – e.g. The Kings Speech and The Artist. The two main contenders for this will of course be Les Miserables and Lincoln and my prediction is that Les Miserables will be the winner on the night!
Overall Prediction: Les Mis or Lincoln, though Argo is the public favourite.

– Outstanding British Film (Anna Karenina, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Les Miserables, Seven Psycopaths, Skyfall)
Heather: There are two that soar slightly higher than the others – Skyfall and Les Miserables. If I had to choose I think Skyfall will take 1st place.
James: A hard category to call, as it’s likely the result will be decided by what wins best film; if Lincoln gets that, then there’s little doubt in my mind that Les Miserables will sweep the best British film category. But if ‘Les Mis’ scoops the best film BAFTA, then that will give Skyfall the chance to snatch the award and get some of the recognition it deserves.
Kriss (@Tolli04): The two main contenders are Les Miserables and Skyfall as they’re the biggest in budget and scale, but don’t let this get in the way of them being outstanding films. Skyfall reinvented James Bond but I think Les Miserables was a bigger risk that really paid off.
Overall Prediction: Les Mis and Skyfall will be battling this baby out.

– Director (Micahel Haneke, Ben Affleck, Quentin Tarantino, Ang Lee, Kathryn Bigelow)
James: Having been nominated twice before without a golden face to show for it, this must be Tarantino’s year, especially given the calibre of Django Unchained.
Henrietta: Affleck’s talent is non-negotiable – he has an eye for detail and storytelling. I was hanging out of my seat by the end of the film, so absorbed and engrossed in the action. The time and preparation that has gone into this film is obvious, the narrative is slick and visually believable.
Kriss (@Tolli04): Without batting an eyelid my vote would go to Ben Affleck. The other directors did a fantastic job with their respective films but it was a travesty that Affleck was not nominated for an Oscar, and for that reason I want him to win every other Award going. A film starring Ben Affleck used to be frowned upon but now he’s established himself as a top director. Argo is brilliant and he deserves this award.
Overall Prediction: Not to be snubbed by us Brits, Affleck gets the BAFTA nod.

– Adapted Screenplay (Argo, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Life of Pi, Lincoln, Silver Linings Playbook)
Sam: I’d be very surprised if Lincoln don’t win this!
Natalie (@njxenos):  Whilst the underdog enthusiast in me is vying for Beasts of The Southern Wild (much loved by the critics), Life of Pi is an obvious winner for bringing a wonderful story to life. The book is adored by many and now, thanks for Ang Lee, so is the film.
Rachael: Lincoln is worthy of this award and should get it. It has just the right amount of original and factual material for it to be an impressive adaptation.
Overall Prediction: Fact is better than fiction – Lincoln

– Animated Film (Brave, Frankenweenie, ParaNorman)
Kriss (@Tolli04): It would be nice to see a bit of a change this year and for the recognition to come away from Pixar and move onto stop motion films, which are just as impressive as animation films. I don’t believe this category is as strong as recent years but if I were to favour one I would have to go for Frankenweenie.
Henrietta: Certainly one of the best animated films I’ve seen, Brave is visually exquisite. With its believable and interesting characters, the story is easy to engage with and enjoyable to watch unfold. Most of all it’s thrilling to see a feisty female lead, even if she is animated. A funny, feel good movie for all the family.
Chris (@aslightlymad): Pixar are now an inherent part of the Animated Film category and while their films have tailed off somewhat in quality over the last few years, I’d put by money on the awards sticking with the animation powerhouse by opting for Brave.
Overall Prediction: The awards will stick to what they know with Pixar and Brave.

– Leading Actor (Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper, Daniel Day-Lewis, Hugh Jackman, Joaquin Phoenix)
Wibbleflopp (@wibbleflopp): Daniel Day Lewis will probably get this one… But I want Bradley Cooper to win… He has kind eyes.
Heather: Hugh Jackman’s performance in Les Mis blew me away – so I’d love to see him take the award home. Although Bradley Cooper also gave a fine performance, I predict Hugh Jackman’s raw emotional performance will take the lead.
Kane (@KaneBattlebear):  Poor Hugh Jackman. Any other year I’d say his rousing performance in Les Miserables would make him an obvious frontrunner but unfortunately for him this year he is up against Daniel Day-Lewis. The general feeling is that he is a shoe-in for this award and judging by his past performances (both on screen and during awards season) I’m not going to argue. There is no way he is not winning this award.
Overall Prediction: Daniel Day Lewis – Sorry Hugh.

– Leading Actress (Emmanuelle Riva, Helen Mirren, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain, Marion Cotillard)
Natalie (@njxenos):  It pains me to ignore Helen Mirren, but it’s Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain who are neck and neck with this one. Chastain should narrowly attain the award, with Lawrence clawing her from behind. Zero Dark Thirty is controversial but Chastain’s performance isn’t – she continues to raise the bar higher and higher.
Sam: I can see Jennifer Lawrence winning this.  Not only am I judging this based on her recent Golden Globe win where she beat Meryl Streep, but also on the fact that many are billing her as the ‘most talented young actress in America’. Her portrayal in Silver Linings Playbook was spot on.
Henrietta:  Jennifer Lawrence was cheated out of a Bafta for her performance in Winter’s Bone and it’s high time she got one. A beautifully natural actress to watch, she brings honesty and realism to a truly standout performance. She provides a focus for an eccentric and at times uncomfortable watch. Her versatility with her roles provides another justification for her to win the award.
Overall Prediction: Jennifer Lawrence – the first of many.

– Supporting Actor (Alan Arkin, Christoph Waltz, Javier Bardem, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Tommy Lee Jones)
James: I think this is Christoph Waltz’s win; he gives an electrifying performance, continuing to show what an exceptional talent he is.
Sam: Despite the magnificent Christoph Waltz scooping a handful of awards when he was last involved in a Tarantino film, I think the BAFTA for Supporting Actor will go to Tommy Lee Jones for his part in Lincoln. Lee Jones’s portrayal of Thaddeus Stevens is fantastic. He missed out on a BAFTA for his role in No Country For Old Men, this time he won’t.
Chris (@aslightlymad): Undoubtedly the best performance in this group is that of Phillip Seymour Hoffman in The Master, who has a strong chance of winning if he exerts his manipulating powers over the voters. Another conspicuous lack of DiCaprio in this category is still an outrage but the performances are all award worthy. If not the Hoff, Tommy Lee Jones is probably in with a good shout, providing Steven Seagal doesn’t bump into him on the way to the ceremony.
Overall Prediction: It’s about time Tommy Lee Jones won a bafta.
Supporting Actress (Amy Adams, Anne Hathaway, Helen Hunt, Judi Dench, Sally Field)
Kriss (@Tolli04): I would boil it down to Skyfall vs. Les Miserables. Judi Dench was very good in Skyfall but Anne Hathaway was phenomenal in Les Miserables. In one scene alone she brought the entire audience to tears and goose bumps to the back of my neck. Judi Dench deserves some credit for what she has done as M but it’s a shame she’s up for the award the same year as Anne Hathaway.
Heather: This was the only category that I needed little time to ponder. Whilst all the nominees gave extraordinary performances, I predict that Anne Hathaway with claim this award due to her breath-taking rendition of ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ and her magnificent portrayal of Fantine.
Rachael: Personally I found Judi Dench’s acting in Skyfall to be really heart warming and one of her best performances not just as M but compared to her older roles too. However, I have a feeling Anne Hathaway may walk away with best supporting actress for Les Mis thanks to her ever-increasing fan-base and recognition in recent years.
Overall Prediction: Looks like the weight loss was worth it Anne Hathaway.

– Original Music (Argo, Anna Karenina, Life of Pi, Lincoln, Skyfall)
Henrietta: As a big music fan I found I had to re-listen to all the scores extensively to make my decision, which was a close choice between Dario Marianelli for Anna Karenina and Alexandre Desplat for Argo. In the end I decided on Desplat’s score –  it’s more versatile and compliments the plot more sufficiently than Marianelli’s. Purely by listening to it I saw the story in my head, the highs and lows, the moments of stillness and heightened activity.
Kane (@KaneBattlebear):  While Life of Pi didn’t quite win me over in the way I hoped it would, it had a brilliant, emotional score and is probably due a win here. That is unless a wave of patriotism and Adele-mania sees Skyfall claim the prize.
Natalie (@njxenos):  Mychael Danna’s Indian inspired Life of Pi OST is like something out of Disney – pure magic! BUT it isn’t this years BAFTA original music winner. Marianelli stole my heart with his soundtrack to Anna Karenina! It’s classic, flamboyant and filled with passion – they should just give Marianelli the award now.
Overall Prediction: Who the hell knows?! If our predictions are worth anything – it’s wide open!

– Cinematography (Anna Karenina, Les Miserables, Life of Pi, Lincoln, Skyfall)
Wibbleflopp (@wibbleflopp):  Roger Deakins for Skyfall… A film that looked beautiful… Plus he’s the only name I can spell correctly from the list…
Natalie (@njxenos):  I could say this is the hardest to predict, but each category seems to be tougher than the last. I would love Les Mis to scoop this award, but my money is on Lincoln. You simply can’t watch it without being in awe of the filming.
Rachael: The cinematography award should and will go to Les Mis. It’s so atmospheric and well directed; it feels like you’re there with the characters.
Overall Prediction: Lincoln should win, Skyfall could win, Les Mis will win.

– Production Design (Anna Karenina, Les Miserables, Life of Pi, Lincoln, Skyfall)
Chris (@aslightlymad): A visually excessive, indulgent piece of musical cinema, Les Miserables still has an undeniable beauty to it, something that will probably swing its triumph over other, less overt examples of design. The lack of a nomination for The Hobbit cements the prequel trilogies place in the shadow of Lord of the Rings for now, which leaves much for the coming instalments to prove.
Sam: Very hard to choose. All of the nominated films were unique in their own way, but I’m going to go for Les Miserables.
Heather: The designers behind each of these nominees produced breath-taking imagery, but I predict that Skyfall will take the award purely for the overall setting.
Overall Prediction: Les Mis can certainly show the others how it’s done.

– Costume Design (Anna Karenina, Great Expectations, Les Miserables, Lincoln, Snow White and the Huntsman)
Natalie (@njxenos):  Without a doubt Anna Karenina. Jacqueline Durran has taken elegance to another level with her extravagant, Russian inspired costume design. The detail is exquisite and it will be a travesty if it’s overlooked. AK for the win.
Rachael: Costume design was in my opinion one of the only good things going for Snow White and the Huntsman, so if it’s going to win an award it’ll be for that. There’s some very strong competition in this category though and I can see any of the others coming out on top.
James: Having not received the recognition she deserved for her fantastic work on Pride and Prejudice & Atonement, this award is surely going to go to Jacqueline Durran. Anna Karenina may not of had the emotional weight of director Joe Wright’s previous works, but it looked sumptuous and the superb costumes helped to bring 19th Century Russia to life.
Overall Prediction: Durran won’t be cheated again, Anna Karenina it is.

– Special/Visual Effects (The Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Life of Pi, Prometheus, Avengers Assemble)
Sam: A category with Ridley Scott’s epic, Prometheus, or The Dark Knight Rises is always going to be a hard one to choose. Being the last of Christopher Nolan’s Batman film trilogy, they wanted to go out with a bang and that’s what they’ll do. Dark Knight Rises to win!
Wibbleflopp (@wibbleflopp):  I am going to plum for The Hobbit here because Gollum looked amazing, the other sfx shots were stunning and because it’s the only film in the list I actually saw…
Kriss (@Tolli04): The Dark Knight Rises was my top film of last year and as usual Paul Franklin and his team did a great job with the effects. The team behind Avengers Assemble were also on fire. Prometheus, for all its faults, had some excellent visuals and they certainly stood out, however for me the award should go to Life of Pi. There weren’t explosions or major stunts but the boat sinking scene and the animation of the tiger were very realistic. The Impossible, which wasn’t nominated, deserves a mention but Life of Pi marginally beats the competition.
Overall Prediction: The Dark Knight Rises, The Hobbit, Life of Pi…too many to choose from – can’t they all win?

– Make-Up and Hair (Anna Karenina, Hitchcock, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Les Miserables, Lincoln)
James: 5 previous nominations and yet to win; as Durran recreated 19th Century Russia through costume, so to did Ivana Primorac through her makeup and hair design. The resplendent regality of the Russian Aristocracy was brought stunningly and memorably to life through Primorac’s splendid work.
Heather: Once again, I predict that Les Misérables will be taking the award home. The transformations of all the actors in the movie are incredible and the hair and makeup team did a brilliant job. They deserve this win.
Rachael: I can only begin to imagine the time and effort put into the make up for The Hobbit, but I’m more confident this award will go to Hitchcock or Les Mis; both which showcase such beautiful styles.
Overall Prediction: Not so miserable – Les Mis you are deserved.

– EE Rising Star (Elizabeth Olsen, Andrea Riseborough, Suraj Sharma, Juno Temple, Alicia Vikander)
Natalie (@njxenos):  The absolute easiest category to call – Elizabeth Olsen should trample the competition for the 2013 Rising Star (and I say ‘should’ because the awards can on occasion get it horribly wrong). An actress with a bright and brilliant future ahead of her, Olsen is the most promising nominee by far. I invite anyone to prove otherwise.
Kane (@KaneBattlebear):  It’s almost impossible to tell who it’ll go to. For the record I voted for Elizabeth Olsen based on her mesmerising debut performance in Martha Marcy May Marlene and think she is most deserving of the award. However, as this is voted for by the public, I think that the recent box office success of Life of Pi might see the award go to Suraj Sharma for his (also rather brilliant) debut as Pi.
Henrietta: Elizabeth Olsen is definitely one of the finest actresses of her generation. Her performance in Martha Marcy May Marlene is stunning, chilling and poignant. 2011 was her come-out year with Silent House allowing her to be offered more roles, most notably in Liberal Arts, where she makes the switch to romantic, sweet and charming. There is definitely a Best Actress award with her name on it in the future.
Chris (@aslightlymad): Voted for by the people, the Rising Star Award has previously gone to the likes of Tom Hardy and Noel Clarke. The category this year requires a good bit of Googling before you can pretend you know who you’re voting for. Whilst Anna Karenina star Alicia Vikander and brief Dark Knight Rises actress Juno Temple will no doubt be overwhelmed to be nominated, it’s the big name stars like Elizabeth Olsen and Life of Pi’s Suraj Sharma that will likely battle out this popularity contest. Although personally I’m still voting for Chris Hemsworth to win.
Overall Prediction: An overriding vote for Elizabeth Olsen, bravo!

Those are our predictions folks, do you agree with our contributors? Let us know!

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