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finch-back-to-oblivionReleased: September 2014

Finch looked so close to breaking the big time a number of years ago, but now seem content to quietly go about their business with a still devoted following who appreciate big chords, epic melodies and choruses that were destined to be screamed from the rooftops to the rest of the world.

Quite why Finch never broke the semi-underground post-hardcore scene is perhaps a bit of a mystery, and one would have to say that the ship has probably sailed, but it doesn’t mean their music has stalled.

If anything, Finch sound just as self-assured on Back To Oblivion as they ever have as the title track and Anywhere But Here attest to.

Twelve tracks is a little overlong for the kind of fan who is likely to listen to the band, but if releasing too much music is the worst criticism one can find, things can’t be going too badly.

Back To Oblivion is a decent record, with nothing too showy, and while it certainly doesn’t provide anything that a major label hasn’t already heard before, it will at least keep their fans very happy indeed, and maybe win them a few more.


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