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Avril Lavigne – Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne – Avril Lavigne

avril-lavigne-albumReleased: 2013

It’s been a while since our favourite Canadian songstress provided us with some juicy new material (Goodbye Lullaby was released two years ago, believe it or not), but Avril Lavigne is back with her fifth album and she’s ready to rock our socks off once more.

Avril’s typical sound has always been a blend of chilled out acoustic numbers and pop-rock anthems full of attitude, and her new offering is no different. Rock ‘N’ Roll kicks off the antics in true Avril style: punky guitar riffs, several expletives and an I-don’t-give-a-damn approach. The sentimental theme continues throughout the album; Here’s To Never Growing Up, 17 and Bitchin’ Summer are just a few of the songs dedicated to misbehaving, creating memories and making the most of life. Getting drunk and being naughty are common topics in Avril’s music and she expertly performs without being embarrassing or trashy (she could certainly teach Miley Cyrus a thing or two).

The mischief disappears for a while and Avril belts out some ballads for us. The eerie Let Me Go featuring her new husband (Chad Kroeger of Nickelback), exposes their chemistry and weaves the couple’s talents together beautifully. Give You What You Like and Hush Hush add some more romance to the proceedings, and it’s incredible that even when Avril is singing about love and heartbreak she still seems like a badass.

Although it’s unlikely that we can expect anything different from Avril’s archetypal style, she never fails to deliver uplifting party songs that can make rubbish situations seem a little bit more bearable. It’s going to be a very cold winter, and dancing around the house to these catchy pop tracks is guaranteed to keep you warm.


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