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terraceReleased: 2013

Terrace, the Vancouver based electronic dance/pop outfit who release their debut album As Far As The Night Can See this year, have the ambition of ‘breaking the world-wide dance-pop mould.’ It’s a bold ambition to say the least. Especially with their first album. But with a genre where false pretenders are rife, perhaps it’s time for a young group to try something different and give a much needed shot in the arm to electro-pop.

The album’s lead single, Ain’t is a slice of ‘80s electronica so vintage in delivery and sound, it could be an early Eurythmics tune, and proudly displays their influences from cross genres and time periods.

The highlight of their debut effort is probably All This Time, a gentle, chilled out song that has montage sequence written all over it, but in reality the whole album is all about build up and layers, and rightly so.

There aren’t perhaps enough stand-out catchy songs, and at times the album strays too much between trying to be full on dance one moment to exploring the realms of ambience the next, and as such the flow of the album shifts a little uncomfortably. But at least they experiment beyond the standard forms of the genre.

As Far As The Night Can See is a decent enough debut album, and no-doubt given time and crafting Terrace can build on what they have here to make a truly solid dance effort. Is it world-beating? No. Have they broken the mould? Not really. But for those who like their electronica simple and engaging there’s much to enjoy here. It’s no-nonsense and to the point which is perhaps most important for their first album. Take a note of Terrace as the future could be bright for them.


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