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cameraandfilm– If you needed any more proof that the digital age has well and truly taken over, the news that Nikon will only be accepting digital image submissions for their current photo contest is enough to persuade anyone that times have indeed changed. Their call for entries state that only images taken with a digital camera will qualify for the contest, so that’s all film photographs out then. This will come as a massive blow to those who still believe that film produces the best photographs and yes, there are still many who feel that way.

– The Daily Mail have reported on a growing trend that started in Las Vegas 10 years ago and has now become popular in the UK. The ‘Trash The Dress’ trend is the latest fad in bridal photography and sees Brides ruining and, in some cases, completely destroying their wedding dresses with water, mud and paint. Apparently this desperately unromantic trend is supposed to show devotion to the new husband… It should be ok if you purchase your gown from Primark, maybe not the most diplomatic thing to do if you’ve spent thousands on your dream dress. Some people will do anything for an ‘out-there’ photo op!

– It’s so hard to get noticed in any creative profession nowadays but photography is one of the trickiest. What sets you apart from the millions of other photographers? How the hell do you stand out when nobody knows you exist? Well, the British Journal of Photography have published an article on ‘how to get noticed’, with tips on self-promotion and being web-savvy. Whilst this is a vital read for all budding photographers out there, it’s also an interesting read for anyone wanting to grow a successful business or brand. Have a read here.

– Our recommended art event of the month is the Sky Arts Ignition exhibition at the V&A called Memory Place. The immersive exhibition presents a dramatic vision of the future through a series of commissions by 20 internationally acclaimed illustrators, graphic designers and typographers. It’s a walk-in story that brings the fictional work of author Hari Kunzru to life, exploring how a story can be reimagined in a different format. Memory Place opened in June and runs until the 20th October. The V&A is always worth a visit, so book your tickets today. For more information go to http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/exhibitions/exhibition-sky-arts-ignition-memory-palace/about-the-exhibition/

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