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instagram-video– A brand new fashion photography exhibition has opened at the City Art Centre, Edinburgh, and it looks as if it will be a glamourous, beautiful and magical display. Coming Into Fashion : A Century of Photogrpahy at Condé Nast will celebrate the legendary publisher and the distinctive style that he created for his magazines, in addition to the photographers who bought life to his vision. He successfully transformed fashion photography into a provocative art form, something that’s now appreciated the world over by fashion lovers. The exhibition shows work by Cecil Beaton, Erwin Blumenfeld, Helmut Newton and David Bailey, amongst others, and gives access to the Condé Nast archives. Open until the 8th September 2013, tickets are £5, with 30 minute spotlight tours available.

– Instagram have officially introduced video to their photography app, a novel idea that’s been welcomed with open arms. The video setting will allow people to capture up to fifteen seconds of footage through their Instagram camera and add filters, of which there are thirteen, to make their videos look snazzy. Fans of the app have taken to the video function well, with Justin Bieber particularly excited… the creators of Instagram will be thrilled.

– People have been defying the laws of gravity at a new art installation in East London. Whilst the photographs surfacing online might initially trick you, the 19th century town house has actually been given a makeover, with a mirrored surface positioned overhead at a 45 degree angle, that makes people appear as if they’re hanging off the side of the building – when in fact they’re flat on the ground. It’s a wonderfully fun idea that brings art directly to the public. The installation runs until the 4th August so go see it whilst you still can! For more info visit: http://www.barbican.org.uk/news/artformnews/art/visual-arts-2013-leandro-erlich-

– Finally, an outdoor art trail has launched in Norwich called GoGoGorillas!. It shows life-sized decorated gorilla creations at different locations around the city. It’s taken over a year to plan the spectacle, organised by the Break charity and the arts and education company Wild in Art, which will run until September 7th. Break fundraising officer Martin Green is quoted by EDP24 saying: “The gorillas are here to light up the city and encourage lots of people to visit. There’s an important aspect in terms of what the gorillas represent but GoGoGorillas! is also about people having fun and people getting out in the open and having a wander about places they may not normally go – be a tourist in your own city! The trail is for people of all ages – get yourself out there and find a gorilla!”

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