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‘The Brave And The Bold’

With quite possibly one of the greatest crossover episodes since Buffy/Angel, the penultimate Arrow episode leaves us laughing, crying and desperately hoping for more. Teaming up for the second episode to take out Captain Boomerang – kudos to the writers for including more comic book characters – Oliver and The Flash’s Barry Allen join forces once more in an all-out epic battle.

We quickly begin with Oliver and Roy clashing with ARGUS, who are also investigating the death of one of their own agents at the hands of Boomerang. When the company demands they “let this one go”, Roy asks if they will, only to receive a typically wonderful Oliver line: “What do you think?” Cue dramatic title cards, and off we go again.
arrow-the-bold-and-the-brave-03There was a perfect balance of humour and serious action within this episode. Watching The Flash guys hang out in the ‘Arrow cave’ was fantastic. The dynamic between Felicity, Diggle, Roy, Caitlin and Cisco produced a wonderful light-hearted battle of quips. However, underneath the banter and smiles, the writers were clever enough to create some serious moments, with Barry speaking words of wisdom to Oliver, who questions who he is for the hundredth time.

Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin really bring out the strengths in each other’s characters; whether it’s cracking Oliver’s hard composure for a hero-to-hero chat, or questioning Barry’s childlike optimism, which sometimes needs a down-to-earth reminder of the real evils lurking in the world. The two play off each other incredibly well, and it’d be a shame not to have more crossovers in the near future.
arrow-the-bold-and-the-brave-01 Our heroes battle against Captain Boomerang, aka ex-ARGUS agent Harkness, who has come back to haunt Lila after she made the call to have him killed years before. Boomarang massacres at least twenty ARUGS agents and plants bombs all over Starling to halt our heroes. However, Team Arrow have one thing that Harkness doesn’t: Barry Allen and his many friends.

After learning that all five bombs are connected, Barry cleverly – and quickly – places the team in the bomb’s locations and ensures they all disarm them at the same time. I’ve always supported Oliver’s adventures in becoming a hero, but I have to admit that The Flash could take every villain out simultaneously and still have time for sushi.
arrow-the-bold-and-the-brave-02Also, let’s give points to Oliver for leaving Boomerang alive. For a moment, I was afraid he might have a temporary relapse, but with Barry’s words earlier on, it’s clear that our vigilante shows no signs of falling back into bad habits.

We end with an amusing showdown between Barry and Oliver, who leave us wishing that every episode is a crossover one. I’ll leave you with my favourite quote from Barry.

“I have superpowers, you have arrows…which run out.”


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