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‘My Name Is Oliver Queen’

This review contains spoilers from the season 3 finale.

Bringing events to a dramatic close, Arrow’s season 3 finale lived up to its promise of epic showdowns, as well as providing a few interesting hints for next season. So, did you guys prepare yourselves enough for the finale? And were you left wide-eyed in shock after a surprisingly happy ending?

With the past few episodes throwing numerous curveballs, Oliver finally takes a clear stand against Ra’s al Ghul and fights alongside his friends in one last attempt to end the feud. I’ve been a little unimpressed with the storytelling this season, as the writers seem to be destroying well-built friendships just for the sake of drama, and in the finale we’re helpless to watch as Oliver’s teammates question his judgements and plans every five seconds. You’d think many years working together would earn him a little trust, but apparently not.
arrow-my-name-is-oliver-queen-02After the gang wake up in Nanda Parbat, they’re quickly filled in by Merlyn that this was yet another genius move of Oliver’s to earn Ra’s al Ghul’s trust once and for all. A short but fun cameo from The Flash sees our group escape and return to Starling City to stop the virus being released. But when they’re home, the real trouble begins.

With the virus already released, Oliver and the team put aside their differences to locate the four carriers. Ra’s decided to place the virus quite literally inside four members of the League. Felicity realises that blood releases the virus into the air, so the rest of the gang hunt down the men and put them somewhere safe. Well, as safe as anyone carrying a deadly virus can be.
arrow-my-name-is-oliver-queen-01Whilst Diggle, Laurel, Nyssa and Thea – fabulously sporting Roy’s red leathers – hunt the assassins down, Oliver is called to battle with Ra’s al Ghul for one final epic rooftop battle. Surrounded by the police officers, the two swordfight and twirl around each other for a while, but eventually Ra’s overthrows Oliver. I’m actually sensing a pattern with Ra’s here: fight on high spaces, disarm your opponent and then kick them off a cliff/waterfall…

But in a not-so-surprising twist, Oliver seizes the moment and stabs Ra’s without hesitation. It was interesting as Ra’s reacted with pride, as opposed to shock or anger. I suppose once you’ve lived that long, nothing surprises you anymore. Ra’s al Ghul’s death brings the League storyline to a close, but poor Oliver was far from safe as one of the surrounding officers takes a shot, sending our beloved vigilante cascading down a very, very high waterfall. However, Ray’s Atom suit whisks in and saves Oliver, and it’s actually Felicity controlling the suit and saving her man.
arrow-my-name-is-oliver-queen-03We finish off with a lovely team moment, as Oliver thanks his friends and newly masked sister for being the heroes that Starling deserves. And, on that note, he announces that he wishes to leave – with Felicity too. It took an entire season of occasionally random drama and poor Ray being used as an adorkable obstacle, but Oliver and Felicity finally seem to be on the track to couple-ville.

Hold on. Did Arrow just do a happy ending? Well, aside from the part where Ray potentially blows himself up. Considering he’s part of the ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ spinoff, I’ll place my bets that he’s still alive and as dorky as ever.

So, are you looking forward to season 4’s promised ‘lighter’ tone? And do you believe the rumours of Damien Darhk being Felicity’s father? The long wait for next season begins here.


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