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Arrow Season 3, Episode 19 Review

Arrow Season 3, Episode 19 Review

‘Broken Arrow’

After Roy shocked Starling with his fake Arrow confession last week, Team Arrow are left to pick up the pieces and outsmart a furious Lance, who is determined to shut them down once and for all. Meanwhile, Oliver and the team enlist Ray’s help to fight off a meta-human threat.
arrow-broken-arrow-02It’s time for what starts off as the most awkward team up in TV history: Oliver and Ray. By the end of the episode, they’re a pretty strong duo, but there are plenty of cringe moments throughout. It all starts when a bank is robbed by a laser-eyed villain. Knowing that Roy is currently in prison, Oliver struggles with focusing on the simple task of taking down a bad guy. The rest of the gang remind him to stay low and out of the police force’s watchful eye, so he unwillingly asks Ray for a hand. Well, for a suit.

There’s just one problem: Ray can’t fight. At all. The poor guy is gifted with awkwardness, but not fighting technique. And then we have Oliver, who is practically a weapon after his many training routines and harsh experiences. Put the two guys together and you have a damn good duo on your hands. It takes Felicity being captured for the two to really put their issues behind them and work together. With Ray’s love of technology and weaponry teamed with Oliver’s survivor spirit and strength, the bad guy goes down in seconds and Felicity is unharmed.
arrow-broken-arrow-01Meanwhile, Roy is remaining in prison after taking the fall for Oliver. Despite the gang’s pleas and questionings, Roy maintains that jail is the place where he belongs. However, inside he faces many angry prisoners who have been apprehended by The Arrow. I enjoyed the fight sequence in which a group of inmates attack a defenceless Roy during transfer. Watching Roy fight off the men was incredible; he’s come a long way from the snarky, druggy side-character. He’s now a hero and a strong member of Team Arrow.

During the episode, we’re given a nice parallel between the flashbacks and the present. Whilst Maseo, Tatsu and Oliver fight to regain the Alpha/Omega virus in Hong Kong, the couple encourage Oliver to let them stay and help instead of fleeing with their son, Akio. Then in the present, Team Arrow fight to convince a distressed Oliver to let them help him during this tough time. It’s nice to see the Team work together in a different way. It feels like a dynamic shift as Diggle, Felicity and Roy take charge of something without Oliver.

Seeing Roy alive after his fake death was such a surprise. I was convinced and horrified that Roy had been killed alone and in prison, without any of his friends or loved ones to comfort him. So seeing his handsome face again had me holding back tears.
arrow-broken-arrow-04The goodbye scene, however, had me blubbering. It was bittersweet, emotional and extremely poignant as Oliver and the team bid farewell to one of their members. Roy may have been happy to leave and ‘start a new life’ but we certainly aren’t ready to lose him. I’ve heard that we’ll see Roy again at some point, hopefully to give some closure for Thea and everyone else, but for now, our red-clad hero drives out of Starling City and into a new world.

So, can things get any worse? You bet. Our last image is of Ra’s al Ghul showing up in the Queen’s flat and confronting an upset Thea, who quickly launches into an attack. Though a valiant effort, she’s no match for Ra’s, and one blade to the stomach later and Thea Queen’s life hangs in the balance.

So, with a dying Thea, a fleeing Roy, and Oliver’s journey to becoming the next Ra’s al Ghul growing nearer and nearer, it looks like Arrow is shaping up for a few, action-packed final episodes.


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