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Appleonfire EP – Louise Goffin Review

Appleonfire EP – Louise Goffin Review

appleonfire-louise-goffinReleased: February 2015

As the daughter of legendary songwriters Carole King and Gerry Goffin, the weight of expectation on Louise Goffin is certainly bigger than most would expect. Which is why it is even more extraordinary that she delivers on that hype in a somewhat astonishing fashion.

Her Appleonfire EP is a glorious six-track collection of accomplished laments on love and loss. From the moment Take A Giant Step chimes in, through the slow, reflective melancholy of Everything You Need until It’s Not The Spotlight combines regret with an optimistic outlook, you’ll do well to find an EP that keeps your focus for longer this year.

It’s a near-perfect combination of soul and groove, and accomplishes that rare feat of leaving the listener wanting more. Goffin’s voice may not be as pure as her mother’s, but she sings like she means it, and the sincerity behind the songs will leave you in no doubt that this is truly a special talent.

The kind of artist you simultaneously want to tell all your mates about and yet somehow just have as your secret, Goffin displays a genuine feel for the craft of songwriting. She probably won’t make the charts, but will no doubt have a legion of adoring fans who she will mean the world to. This is an early contender for EP of the year.


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