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Another Gory Series For Silent Witness – Series 17 Review

Another Gory Series For Silent Witness – Series 17 Review

Bodies in suitcases, footballers framed in sex tape scandals and dead hookers found in the woods – it’s been another gory series for Silent Witness.

The investigative antics all kicked off again with the arrival of Thomas Chamberlain (played by Richard Lintern) to replace the much-revered Professor Leo Dalton who we bid farewell to at the end of last series. However, he is about as welcome as Russia in the EU and is consequently met with the steely gaze and icy bite of Nikki (Emilia Fox) on his first day. Thankfully, tensions thaw as the dead bodies start rolling in and business forces them to get along.


Unoriginally, this season appears to centre around the theme of characters getting a bit too involved with their work – a trope designed to build up a bigger picture of their pasts and strengthen our connection with the characters.

Nikki gets overly passionate about the murder of a young homosexual couple, causes great upset with the police force and is subsequently hauled off the case, which in itself is nothing new. Rather more surprisingly, just a few episodes later, the normally level-headed Jack (David Caves) is horrified to see a painful previous relationship resurface which becomes entangled with a case and he desperately struggles to keep his private life and work world apart.

In between the personal dramas, the team conduct their normal crime-fighting, murder-solving shenanigans, lightened by the incredibly bright and hilariously sharp mind of Clarissa (Liz Carr) and grounded by the witticisms and generally grumpy nature of cynical Jack – a duo rapidly becoming the dream team.

This season is nothing special and wouldn’t be a great place for an amateur Silent Witness viewer to start, but for long-term fans who have got to know the team, it provides a bit more humanity to the characters and the variety of murders offer some excellent and gripping storylines.


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