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Robert De Niro stars as Anne Hathaway’s intern in Nancy Meyers’ upcoming comedy, which premiered its official trailer this week.

The trailer opens with a job interview: ‘Where do you see yourself in ten years time?’ asks a youthful Nat Wolff to De Niro’s character Ben. ‘Ten years time?’ responds Ben, raising an eyebrow ‘When I’m eighty?’

Once hired, the likable, charismatic Ben quickly becomes the most popular member of the New York based office team, and gradually finds himself becoming a friend and father figure to Hathaway’s Jules Austin, the company’s CEO.

With a cast including Girls’ Andrew Rannells, Pitch Perfect’s Adam DeVine, and upcoming star of Paper Towns’ Nat Wolff, plus the likability factor of De Niro and Hathaway, The Intern looks set to be a fun, comic and heart-warming movie, due to be released in the UK on 2 October of this year.

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