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Antlers gallery and artist Tim Lane are giving you the opportunity to get involved with the publication of a one of a kind art book. Anima Mundi is an A5 metre long graphite on paper drawing that is the result of two years work by Lane. The pages can be recombined into different combinations that give different narratives and a unique reading experience.

Anima Mundi asks more questions than it answers and is an impressive catalogue of timeless philosophical ideas.

Here’s Tim talking about the ideas that are behind this remarkable work:

The Kickstarter project is to fund the publishing of this amazing piece of art into a limited edition artist book. Only 200 copies of the bookwork will ever be produced and it will be presented in a bespoke slipcase and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved. There are some great rewards for pledges including limited edition prints and postcards as well as a chance to meet the artist and the book itself.

The campaign runs until Saturday 10th May 2014 and your pledge can help this book become a reality.

Visit the Anima Mundi Kickstarter Page here and read our interview with Tim Lane. 

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