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It feels as if we’ve been waiting a very long time for Disney’s Maleficent. The first glimpses of Angelina Jolie as the ‘Mistress of All Evil’ were released some time ago but they were merely pictures. Now comes the long-awaited teaser trailer and a tease is exactly what it is.

Based on the scary antagonist from Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, this film comes off the back of all the other fairy tale TV offerings (Once Upon A Time, Beauty And The Beast) and films (Snow White And The Huntsman, Mirror Mirror) that have occupied our screens recently. Hopefully this one will provide some of the much needed magic that the aforementioned films lacked. From the trailer it looks like Maleficent might be a darker Disney tale (more so than the animated fairy tale films), which doesn’t always spell success but it looks like it has some promising CGI and an accomplished cast working in its favour. Elle Fanning, much like her older sister, is simply enchanting – even with that irritating false English accent. And let’s just take a moment to appreciate how spectacular Angie looks – beautiful and terrifying in one. Also a little like Loki too.

Maleficent has a bit of the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderlands about it (another Disney film), so let’s hope it’s better than Burton’s disappointing fantasy creation.

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