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The romantic-comedy genre has taken cinemas everywhere by storm recently. Two Night Stand is sticking to the trend and sets to delight comedy lovers in the US in late September. The film itself stars Miles Teller in his arguably biggest acting role to date. Recognised most likely from the hit party film The X Project that graced our screens in 2012, Teller, along with model-turned-actress Analeigh Tipton, play an extremely unconventional duo. Not only does Two Night Stand enrol the acting capabilities of young, up and coming names, the film is even directed by Max Nichols, a name that Google struggles to find results for. However, this film is set to put Nichols on the map.

The trailer opens with Tipton in her pyjamas being confronted by her roommate (Jessica Szohr) and her boyfriend who attempt to, rather gently, tell her that it is time to move out. Embracing her age and her very obvious beauty, the three characters decide to throw Megan (Tipton) straight into the deep end of anything but actually dating – a one night stand. From here she meets Alec (Teller), a twenty-something cute guy whose ‘no strings attached’ intentions were his downfall.

Whilst politely skimming past the actual deed, the trailer skips to the extremely unfortunate twist in the story that both Megan and Alec are completely snowed in, forcing each other’s company upon them. From here we see the positives and negatives of unwanted and very, very awkward situations. As we move through the trailer, a clear relationship begins to form, full of laughs and quite a lot of arguments. After all of that, the trailer falls on a cliffhanger. Now we must see the film just to find out what happens.

With an intriguing cast, Two Night Stand is intending to reach the hearts and minds of the young-adult generation, most of which have probably experienced similar situations when attempting to move on and grow up from previous relationships. The film is set to explore the ‘Tinder generation’ as a potential relationship forms solely due to a dating website, but it seems pretty light-hearted. Two Night Stand looks to be full of laughs, along with the ‘aww-factor’, a definite one to watch.

The film has no release date as of yet in the UK.

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