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Before Noel Fielding’s full UK tour kicks off next week in Guildford, I was able to catch a work in progress show at London’s Soho Theatre.

Receiving a huge welcome, wider than expected from the small 140-seated capacity theatre, the 41-year-old comedian thanked the audience for coming. The opening to the show was very off-the-cuff with Fielding creating an informal atmosphere, as if we were having a one-on-one conversation with the star.

The narrative of the show saw Fielding come to terms with turning 41 and how life has completely changed for him. He believes that his mannerisms, outlook and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle have toned down due to hitting the big 4-1 this year. However, fans of Boosh and Fielding needn’t worry, as he used this as the basis to create a brilliant yet chaotic comedy series come to life. Highlights of the first half included Fielding’s dream that he was a herbal tea and how he created a class division through milk. With jokes like this, the London born comedian kept his witty yet surreal outlook on life at the heart of his show.

The evening was not a solo performance though, with Fielding’s brother, Mike, and actor Tom Meeton, who both star in Fielding’s Luxury Comedy, making an appearance. The two stars played numerous characters throughout the live show, including Hawkeye and Meeton’s fantastic impersonation of Antonio Banderas.

The use of animation is at the forefront of Fielding’s TV series and it was brilliantly introduced into the live stage show too. Fielding’s plasticine character, Joey Ramone, was used as a way to break down the live show, presenting a mixture of slapstick yet stunning animation from Nigel Coan.

Post interval and the comedian was ‘kidnapped’ from his own show, with Luxury Comedy characters coming to his rescue to try and solve the case. Fan favourites Sergeant Raymond Boombox and Fantasy Man were brought to the stage, both of which are played by Fielding. The characters interacted with the audience by sitting on their laps, shoving cameras in their faces, and pushing the bar by teasing people.

With this preview, Fielding was at the top of his game, showing exactly why his unique comic style will be around for many more years to come.

Fielding’s 23-date UK tour kicks off on 20 October.

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