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After last week’s ‘big reveal’ I had hoped that things in AHS: Hotel were going to pick up. However, ‘She Wants Revenge’, episode nine of the anthology series, kept a decidedly sombre pace. The Countess finally married Will Drake in a wedding shorter than even Britney could manage, she was reunited with her lost love, and Ramona Royale furthered her plans to get revenge.

As with previous weeks, there were some great one liners from Mare Winningham’s Hazel Evers and Kathy Bates’ Iris, who – as is becoming her thing – bumps off some more hotel dwellers. I know I must sound like a broken record in my adoration of them, but both of these women have stood out from the beginning.american-horror-story-she-wants-revenge-02Their airtime might be short lived these days but they have these wonderfully bizarre comic moments, their dark humour delectably enjoyable, and you feel yourself fist pumping with them. Miss Evers was a particular highlight in this episode as she stood over the body smiling, a scene that was creepy but amazing.

There have been moments in this season where Lady Gaga touches on a more raw side of her character – the flashes of anger, the moments of pure happiness and vulnerability when her character really shines and you can see the full potential of The Countess. It’s moments like this, that draw the viewer in, which the series needs more of to allow people to form an emotional connection with the characters.

With just three episodes to go, something needs to give in the coming weeks. Hotel can’t wind down like this, it just can’t.


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