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‘The Ten Commandments Killer’

So, we’ve reached the big reveal! Except that when it happened it wasn’t really that big, and I guessed what was coming as they were about to reveal it… It’s a little bit like a balloon that you just let go of after putting all the effort into blowing it up.

Episode eight, ‘The Ten Commandments Killer’, says it all in the title. The horror anthology series has in many ways been building up to this moment, but at the same time has turned into something more, which is probably why the reveal felt somewhat deflated.

I won’t tell you who the culprit is – I’m one of those people who hates when spoilers are as freely thrown about as the blood in this season – but let’s just say the blood lust doesn’t end here.american-horror-story-hotel-episode-8-2Picking up immediately after last week’s episode, John finds himself back at the root of all his problems, the Cortez. He also discovers the answers he’s been looking for, whilst continuing to casually throw in gems about his backstory…this wasn’t his first visit to the hotel for instance (that’s not a spoiler, it’s a tease…clear difference!). The episode also divulges more about the killings and the justifications behind them, at times giving off a bit of a Saw vibe (not the first time this has happened), which is both a good and bad thing for the series.

There’s also this creepy bromance developing between John and James Patrick March, the sadistic ‘owner’ of the hotel, which you could almost call morbid fascination. John, however, seems to be adjusting, his anger and anguish flatlining into some level of calm insanity. He has this dark, husky tone that makes me wonder if he’s rehearsing for a role as the next batman.

So now we know what’s transpired, it’s what happens with this information that we’re yet to discover. My bet is they’re going to try and upstage The Red Wedding!


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