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The latest episode of AHS: Hotel was very much that point in a series where you get a little backstory, a little clue, that sets in motion the beginning of the end. Fresh layers to the hotel were added, relationships darkened and new details about the commandments killer were set in place. If you thought things were gory already it’s probably about to get a whole lot worse.

Like many of the episodes in the series, ‘Flicker’ was focused on a single element and one set of characters, which can be great for developing characters but also lacks a depth all round; it often feels like pieces are being thrown together, rather than connected seamlessly.

There is however something about the flashbacks that I get continually drawn into. This week was almost a parody of the 1920’s flapper scene, with just enough in it to be taken seriously as it delved further into the history of The Countess (who’s taking much more of a prominent role than I had first anticipated).american-horror-story-hotel-episode-7-3It was a much more natural role for Gaga, revealing different sides to her character. This was also the moment that I’m sure lots of people have been waiting for as Gaga ‘performed’. Ok, so it was only a dance routine – that so obviously ended up leading to sex, as ever other action in the series does – but it was a nice stylistic change and fitted in well with the vibe the episode was going for. I could easily watch a whole 1920’s set series like this, especially because there’s so much backstory.

But Hotel isn’t set in the Roaring Twenties and so we jump back into reality where John has checked himself into a Health Clinic, demonstrating how easy it is to break someone out of a psych ward. For the purposes of entertainment I’m just going to go with that, because it then smacked me with a cliffhanger and I’m very exited to see where this is going to go.


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