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American Horror Story: Hotel Episode 6 Review

American Horror Story: Hotel Episode 6 Review

‘Room 33’

Episode six of Ryan’s Murphy’s anthology series was a welcome change of pace, providing something that this season has lacked so far. It watched like a horror film, with plenty of light and dark moments (well, as light as can be in such circumstances) that rose and built and kept you going to the end.

It was also a much more intimate affair, exploring the power of love and the role it plays in people’s lives. I quite like how the horror is starting to have more meaning and purpose; mixing it with the personal elements gives it a level of depth that makes viewers more invested in the story.

This is where Liz Taylor is really coming into the show and developing as a character. We saw some backstory in last week’s episode and that was built upon here with more of a central focus.american-horror-story-hotel-episode-6-1We also saw the return of Ramona, who’s portrayed in such a comic way that she’s almost a parody character that I can’t yet place. Hopefully this will change as the season progresses.

The crime element has taken a backseat in recent episodes, but the little snippets that are delivered make me want to know more. The murder mystery is actually really interesting, but I know, as is the way with these things, I’m going to have to wait and let it roll out throughout the series to get any answers.

As a final note, never has the term little monster been more appropriate. If you haven’t yet seen this week’s episode I won’t reveal why, but it was almost, dare I say it, cute. But that could just be me…


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