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‘Room Service’

American Horror Story: Hotel, whether intentionally or not, is seemingly starting to play up to all the stereotypes this season. Maybe it’s because I haven’t watched the series from season one and I’m not used to such a play on characters, but I find it’s a little too up and down for my liking.

However, there are a couple of important things I’ve learnt from this week’s episode:

  • Don’t let a vampire into a hospital – it starts a whole bunch of things that you really don’t want happening (cue mass exodus scene)
  • Don’t get on the wrong side of Cathy Bates, she will gut you like a fish (poor, beautiful Darren Criss), though that did provide for a fantastically gory scene…and he did have it coming.

american-horror-story-room-service-2Then you get the more sombre elements of the episode, with the flashback and exploration of Liz Taylor’s reasons for being at the Hotel, which were sad and uplifting at the same time. It’s these moments that I enjoy because it makes the episode and the series more than just a hollow gore-fest.

Liz beautifully laments, “I never knew how to live until I died”, and it’s these scenes that explore that underlying theme of loss and tragedy that’s the backbone of the series. For all the death and destruction, there are levels of humanity underneath which keep people watching.


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