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‘Devil’s Night’

After last week’s slow burner, episode four, ‘Devil’s Night’, picked up and added pace…dare we say excitement, as the lines of reality blurred for John.

The episode opened with the beautiful scene of Mrs. Evers breaking down…blood pouring form the sheets that she can’t control, leading to her having a great heart to heart with John about her own loss of a child. She’s this fantastic character that reminds me of Good Cop/Bad Cop in the Lego Movie (just go with it yeah?), where she’ll turn either way at the slightest thing and you never know when she’ll go off. american-horror-story-hotel-episode-4-1Answers were also given as Alex finds out that Holden isn’t the same son that left her and, as a result, falls into Gaga’s bosom…quite literally, but less as a shoulder to cry on and more of a…well, you know what Gaga’s like. Creating Little Monsters all over the place. I didn’t see this happening, nor really want it to happen, but it has, so we’ll just go with it.

The most exciting part of the episode was invariably the Devil’s Night party hosted by James Patrick March, bringing together some of America’s most notorious serial killers. This theme in reality is a little sickening, pushing some boundaries, but as a concept it’s fantastic. The acting here was brilliant, each character embodying their murderous persona with their own little ways and tics (cue John Carroll Lynch putting on his clown makeup), aided by Jennifer Salts’ strong script.

This is American Horror Story as I want to see it.


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