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Having just watched episode three, aptly titled ‘Mommy’, of Ryan Murphy’s anthology series, I’m finding it difficult to actually remember it. I know I watched it, things happened, the plot developed I’m sure, but what actually happened?

Was there more sex? Yes. Were there more deaths? Yes. Including one that I’m very glad of, if you read my episode 2 review… But it felt more like a filler episode, so slow was its burn.

The biggest thing to actually happen here was Kathy Bates’ developing and deteriorating relationship with son Donovan (Matt Bomer), resulting in voluntary euthanasia (no Kathy, NO!) – which was possibly the most graphic element of the episode. Whilst Chloë Sevigny’s Alex was reunited with Holden (a little early in the season for that isn’t it?), but it came much later in the episode. american-horror-story-hotel-ep-3-2Then there was a completely unexpected, and tragically cheesy, flashback to the 70’s to give you some backstory to new character Romana Royale (Angela Bassett). She’s coming for you Gaga; expect claws at dawn later in the season. And blood, lots of it, but whose it will be is still to be seen.

So more layers were added to the series, throwing even more mystery and confusion to the mix, but overall AHS: Hotel was a little lacklustre this time around. Next week’s episode needs to pick up the pace and pull something spectacular (and not just spectacularly gruesome) out of the bag.


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