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‘Chutes and Ladders’

To quote American Horror Story: Hotel’s Sarah Paulson, “This place is bats**t crazy“, and quite frankly yes, it really is.

The second episode of Ryan Murphy’s anthology horror show takes two steps forward as well as two steps back as we’re given the opportunity to get under the belly of the beast, learning more about the history of the hotel (surprise surprise, it was a torture chamber) and some of its inhabitants. It would appear that Gaga has been there from the get go and doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

This season works so well for Gaga; opulent costumes like something just pulled out of her wardrobe and, in one particular flashback, she has hair for dayyyyyys. Gaga really gets a chance to sink her teeth into the role, especially here as we see more of the troubled past that’s made her who she is today, and I’m really hoping we go deeper into this as the series progresses. american-horror-story-hotel-episode-2-1There’s this really blasé quality to death throughout the show; people drop like flies and it’s all done with this peculiar AHS humour. Add to this disjointed scenes and happenings just randomly thrown in and it creates an almost nonsensical nature to the series. I did however love the scene with the owner of the hotel, James Patrick March (played by Evan Peters), and his faithful maid, the amazing Mrs. Evers (Mare Winningham), because the actors had such great comedic timing and I love Winningham’s character.

As much as we go back plot wise, we also move forward. Naomi Campbell rocks up of course, but…why? It might just be me but I’m not a great fan of her acting and she doesn’t feel vital to the series. Maybe she’ll have a gruesome death to be enjoyed later on (I’m not a sadist, honest). Det. Lowe’s daughter, Scarlett (Shree Crooks), also comes face to face with her brother (I can already see this ending badly), which then leads John to have more brooding cop moments…

Hotel is building but it’s still very early days, with the writers delivering the story and the characters piece by piece. The question is, who will pop out of the mattress next?


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