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‘Battle Royale’

After American Horror Story’s short Christmas break, I was actually looking forward to getting back to the Cortez. We’d left with a bang and I was ready for the aftermath.

‘Battle Royale’ starts off with a recap of the last few moments of the previous episode and the takedown of The Countess and Donovan. But it would never be that easy would it?

The Countess crawls into the arms of Sally, whose commitments issues compel her to save The Countess so that she can lure John back to the hotel. By this point both characters are completely broken and it’s here that I really felt how underrated Sally has been so far; I’ve gone up and down with her character but feel like she has so much more to give. I even started feeling sorry for The Countess who, for a woman who’d been heavily shot at, still looked very good, hair practically glowing.american-horror-story-hotel-battle-royale-02Elsewhere, Ramona is released, goes on the rampage and is restored to health thanks to the blood of a witch (a great scene with Gabourey Sidibe who reprises her role as Queenie). I’m also growing to love her clichéd way of talking; she has so much sass.

Remember that thin commandments plotline that’s fed through the season? Well, there’s still one to go for John… Quite honestly, I’d forgotten about these murders but it’s nice to tie everything up eh?

There was a lot of light and dark in this episode, providing a nice balance. Miss Evers delivered a lot of dark comedy but her performance is always so evocative that I was fighting her corner.

Eleven episodes down, one to go and I’m wondering just what will happen next.


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