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American Horror Story: Hotel Episode 10 Review

American Horror Story: Hotel Episode 10 Review

‘She Gets Revenge’

Now this was an episode of AHS I could get behind! ‘She Gets Revenge’ was everything it said on the tin and then some. Liz was reunited with her son, Miss Evers got given a washer and dryer, and Alex and John reunited and left the hotel with Holden to become a family again. It was the happiest episode to date; even the murder was on the low-key side, with just one torture, a suicide and a little more commandment retribution. It was one of the more human episodes this season has delivered, digging into the characters and exploring the different sides of their lives.

I think when I came to season five, I was expecting gore on extreme levels, but what this season has done is explore the dark side of people and human nature. Yes, this was shown through killing in fantastically gory ways, but it’s always come back to the decisions people make and the feelings that influence them, and this episode really showed that.american-horror-story-hotel-episode-10-1There’s a lot of fragility to the characters this season; they’re all trapped in themselves and in the hotel. Whilst this is nothing new, it’s good to see it explored of different levels. Whether it’s James Patrick March trying to get his kicks as and when he can, Liz reconnecting with her family, Sally left alone with her demons, or Iris making creepy montages of cats and rainbows. It’s a tragic beauty that’s stripped the series back to its bare bones.

And then there was that final scene. There was anger, excitement, anticipation and a boom. I want a GIF of that last three seconds, it was that beautiful! ‘She Gets Revenge’ kept me on the edge and made me excited for what’s to come – it was easily the highlight of the season so far.


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