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American Horror Story: Coven Episode 8 Recap

American Horror Story: Coven Episode 8 Recap

ahs-coven-the-sacred-taking‘The Sacred Taking’

This review contains spoilers.

Episode 8 of Coven starts with Zoe and Madison witnessing Queenie rip a heart out of a man’s chest. Since siding with Marie’s voodoo witches, Queenie has become her odd job girl gathering all the things that she needs for her spells. When Zoe and Madison try and persuade her to come back to the coven, Queenie flat out refuses saying that all the women in the coven are “dead to her” and to watch out because “war is coming”.

Speaking of dead, Myrtle has fully risen again. With Misty bringing her back from the grave Myrtle now believes Misty to be the new supreme and the rest of the coven let Misty into the fold (all be it for their own selfish reasons). Whilst her enemy has been brought back to life, Fiona is losing her battle with cancer. After Delia saw that her mother did in fact kill Madison, she wishes nothing but the worst on her and Fiona is left to deal with her pain alone. With all the witches angry at their supreme they come up with a way to trick her into killing herself (nice!). Fiona has been too ill to realise that Madison has been brought back to life, so they make the fever ravaged Fiona believe that Madison has the power of resurgence (so she must be the supreme) and, when the theatrical Myrtle appears still burnt, the ruse is cemented.

The rest of the witches hold a Sacred Taking where they all expect Fiona to sacrifice herself for the sake of the coven, but they underestimate the tough old bird. Fiona chooses to overdose on pills instead of being burnt at the stake (I’m pretty sure if that was a choice you’d always choose the former.) So she does what any old Queen would do, she applies makeup, puts on her most fabulous fur and waits to die gracefully on her own terms. Spalding returns at her side in ghost form and tells her about the trick the witches have played on her. She finds out about Mist and Madison and instantly gets up from her bed, downing some Ipecac and vomiting up the pills. Whilst Myrtle is playing some sombre music on the piano, trying to contain her happiness at her plan working, Fiona heads downstairs and swears vengeance on her coven for attempting to kill her.

The neighbours are back this episode, who I must admit are hard to care about. After Luke defends the witches against his mad Christian mother Joan, she punishes him by tying him up and locking him in a cupboard (because Jesus would approve of that!). Nan can hear him using her power and rushes over to the house to help him. When Hank fires a gunshot through the front door Luke saves Nan by pulling her out of the way and Luke is taken to hospital. Joan dies and is resurrected by Misty, which really seems like a wasted resurrection to me.

Elsewhere in the academy FrankenKyle is getting his end away with both Madison and Zoe. He may have very little in the way of motor skills but his sex drive is still alive and kicking! After Zoe teaches him to read and write, Madison overhears Kyle tell Zoe that he loves her – this is bound to end messily.

The episode ended with the shocking delivery of LaLaurie’s head in a box. The war has started witches!


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