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American Horror Story: Coven Episode 6 Recap

American Horror Story: Coven Episode 6 Recap

american-horror-story-episode-6‘The Axeman Cometh’

This episode begins with a flashback to the academy in 1919 and a group of young witches taking a stand against a serial killer that has been terrorising New Orleans. Once again the revenge fantasy is made real when we see the group of witches stabbing the hell out of the killer. Although it opened in this awesomely grizzly way, the rest of the episode suffered a lull in excitement compared to the rest of the series.

The introduction of the Axeman character stretched the plot a little too much for my liking and as such the episode seemed lacking in magic. Not just writing magic but actual magic, magic. For a show about witches I feel as if there was nowhere near enough of it seen in this particular episode.

The Axeman’s spirit is released after Zoe, Nan and Queenie use a Ouija board to try and contact Madison. Surely there’s a more magical way for witches to communicate with spirits? Zoe, desperate to find Madison, promises to release the ‘Axeman’ from the spirit world in return for information on Madison’s whereabouts. The board spells out A-T-T-I-C and when Zoe discovers Madison’s putrid rotting corpse in Spaulding’s trunk, the three girls go about torturing the butler to get him to talk (through Nan).

What do they torture him with you ask? A burning spatula to the face of course. Whilst this method of torture might be a way of emphasising how inexperienced the girls are, it’s a pretty unimaginative and uninspiring scene. Spaulding lies and says he killed Madison, though Zoe has a hunch that he’s covering for someone else.

Elsewhere Fiona is finally starting chemotherapy and gaining new powers. She can now read people’s minds and, in a rare show of kindness, ends up comforting some of those she’s hearing. This is a character that has had the correct amount of screen time and each episode allows us to know more and more about the dying supreme.

We also find out the connection between Cordelia’s husband, Hank, and all things witchy. It turns out he’s a witch hunter hired by Marie Lavrau to kill all the witches that have been associated with the academy (Remember his random extreme hump and dump? All is now explained!).

Misty makes a welcome return this week and she’s obviously planning on making her own coven using the healing powers of swamp mud to bring back the charred corpse of Myrtle. Franken Kyle also shows up and, as much as I love Evan Peters, his character seems to be at a loose end. It was a great concept to bring Frankenstein’s monster in to the series but they seem to have just left him as an aside, which is frustrating.

The newly released Axeman turns up in blind Cordelia’s bedroom and after trying to kill her, the three young witches cast a spell to release him. Where does he head? Coincidentally to the very same bar that Fiona is drowning her sorrows in.

I hope this episode was just a stopgap episode summing up plots that have happened so far, because if it carries on like this AHS is in danger of becoming boring. I don’t need the ridiculous action, action, action of Asylum but some actual magic would be nice!


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