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American Horror Story: Coven Episode 3 Recap

American Horror Story: Coven Episode 3 Recap

american-horror-story-lalaurie-nan-and-queenie‘The Replacements’

“It’s my dance, and I have performed it with finesse and abandon with countless partners.” — Fiona Goode

This week American Horror Story: Coven got twisted, like season two twisted. Not surprising as it was written by James Wong, who wrote probably the most mental and grim episode of the X-Files, ‘Home’.

This week Fiona battles the aging process in the only way she knows how, through murder, Queenie does unspeakable things in front of a minotaur, and we find out Franken-Kyle has a painful past (and I’m not just talking about the fact he is in fact made of his friends body parts…)

We get a treat of a flashback to when Fiona first found out she was the supreme, when she discovered she had the essential seven powers. Her supreme at the time, Anna Leigh, insists she is not yet ready to take on the responsibility – a truth that Fiona doesn’t want to hear and she promptly slits her throat. Back in the present, Cordilia is still trying to become pregnant, the snake eggs, blood and sex spell didn’t work and she’s gone to another witch, Marie Lavau the voodoo matriarch. After detailing to her exactly how the spell would work, she turns Cordilla down straight away. Telling her she knows whom her mother is. Once again, her selfish mother has ruined Cordelia’s life.

Zoe goes to visit her frankenboy’s mother. Finding a woman who’s obviously devastated at the loss of her son, who even tells the sensitive Zoe that Kyle’s death has even led her to coming up with a suicide plan that Zoe’s phone call saved her from. “You’ll see him again,” Zoe promises and with that she pays Misty Day a visit. Misty has basically been using Kyle as a cuddle pillow and healing him, his scars are healed and the only one left is where his neck was sewn back to his shoulders. Zoe takes him from Misty’s safe bed and back to his mother. You get the feeling that as she has such a killer power she wants to bring some joy into someone’s life and she’s attempting to be some sort of angel. Kyle is returned to his mum’s doorstep and it’s not long before she can see the difference. The once intelligent and outgoing Kyle is responding with grunts and when she reveals that she knows his body has changed, alarm bells ring. What is quickly revealed is that this grieving mum has been molesting Kyle throughout his life, behavior that the newly put together Kyle can’t contain his anger about. When she’s talking to him about it he picks up a trophy and beats her in the head with it, in what is probably the most violent scene of this series so far. Zoe discovers the body when she goes to check on him and the shot of his mothers face smashed in really lingers for quite sometime, once again in this series it’s a victim of sexual abuse’s revenge fantasy come true.

Elsewhere the Madame Delphine LaLaurie is adjusting to modern life. Disgusted at the fact America now has a black president and that African Americans are no longer slaves, she really isn’t best pleased when Fiona decides to make her Queenie’s personal slave. This is only the beginning of LaLaurie’s troubles though; Marie Laveau has sent her Minotour to find her and while Queenie and her are talking about Queenie’s comfort eating he starts to gore into the house walls. Bravely Queenie goes outside to face the beast and her way to deal with the monster could be seen as unusual! She lifts up her skirt and masturbates…Queenie is the one character I feel they haven’t really gone into enough, her behaviour seems totally erratic and we know nothing of her history but I hope this bizarre plot point is the start of a more in depth storyline.

After Madison shows her witchcraft to the new Christian neighbour’s, she and Fiona have a night out one the tiles. Fiona discovers that Madison will be the next supreme after realizing she has the 7 powers. In the next few scenes it seems like Fiona is giving up and letting her life end to help this promising new witch. When they get back to the school she gives a speech about her powers and how Madison is draining her lifeblood. She tells Madison to kill her, giving her the razor she cut the throat of her supreme with. Madison is understandably completely freaked out by the whole thing and refuses to, and in the struggle Fiona slashes her throat, spurting blood all over the nice white rug.

This episode showed the completely crazy avenues this series can go down. As a horror fan it never fails to keep me entertained and Jessica Lange’s character of Fiona is coming out with some spectacularly cracking one liners, such as this one :”This coven doesn’t need a new Supreme, it needs a new rug.


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