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American Horror Story: Coven Episode 2 Recap

American Horror Story: Coven Episode 2 Recap

americanhorrorstorycovenboyparts‘Boy Parts’ 

Episode two of this season of American Horror Story has made me think that Coven may be the best yet. This week saw the introduction of a horror classic they’ve not yet explored: Frankenstein.

Tim Minear’s script is amazing – he knows exactly what the fans want. We want Jessica Lange to say some kick ass one-liners and we want well-crafted horror clichés and some great chemistry between the characters, and in this episode we got it all. Kathy Bates is predictably absolutely awesome. Her physical acting is masterful, she looks like a woman who has been buried alive for over a century and her and Jessica Lange’s scenes sizzle.

This episode sees Zoe (Talissa Farmiga ) become the centre of this ‘Coven’ world. She’s totally out of her depth and as viewers we’re seeing everything from her point of view. We follow her and Madison as they try to bring Kyle (the innocent boy from last weeks crash) back to life, picking their favourite male body parts from the morgue to go with Kyle’s (Evan Peters) quite frankly beautiful face. It’s established this week that this is not just point and cast magic. The girls attach all the parts together and use old magic to bring him back to life. Another scene that gives us an idea of how magic works in the universe is a pretty dark scene where Cordelia (the headmistress of the school) and her husband try a fertility spell that involves snake eggs, blood, sex and magic. After Zoe and Madison attempt to resurrect Kyle they get disturbed by a security guy, Madison takes the car and drives, leaving Zoe to deal with the newly awakened Kyle.

While this is happening, Fiona (Jessica Lange) visits a hair salon in the ghetto where we quickly learn that the witch responsible for Madame LaLaurie’s burial still resides today. A great exchange happens between the two witches debating the history of witchcraft and how Marie has become immortal. Fiona threatens to expose Marie who laughs in her face and calls her bodyguards, but when Fiona sets fire to the shop the tone changes quickly.

The characters are being set up so well within this episode and we’re already getting tons of background information on each of them. The Frankenstein-esque storyline allows the proper introduction of Misty Day (Lily Rabe), a Stevie Nicks obsessed white witch, who is set to become a very intriguing character.

The best scene of the episode was Fiona sitting side-by-side with the living corpse of LaLaurie (after LaLaurie has had to be pulled back from being knocked down by a police car) – it shows the two old timers adapting in different ways to the changing world around them.

American Horror Story: Coven is definitely setting itself up to be a great series and next week’s episode is set to be just as good as Boy Parts.


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