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American Horror Story: Coven Episode 12 Recap

American Horror Story: Coven Episode 12 Recap

american-horror-story-episode-12‘Go To Hell’ 

Coven’s penultimate episode, Go To Hell, begins with a silent film section that depicts the seven wonders. Women in pilgrim outfits go into a barn to determine their very own Supreme and, to find out who this is, they must perform the ‘seven wonders’: telekinesis, concilium transmutation, divination, vitalum vitalis, decensum and pyrokinesis.

From this gorgeous style piece it fades to Jessica Lange sitting at a table with Queenie, who doesn’t believe a word that is coming out of Fiona’s mouth as she tries to persuade her she may be the next supreme. While chatting with Fiona she notices that Marie Laveau is missing. Worried about the voodoo queen, Queenie uses some sort of magic trance to look for Marie, and finds herself working at a fried chicken hut, where the main customer is the Papa who explains to her that she is in her own version of hell.

Queenie needs to get out of it otherwise she will die herself. Her magic is powerful enough and she ends up making a deal and sharing a hot chocolate with the voodoo deity. Perfectly normal behaviour as usual.

It turns out that Marie Laveau was chopped into fifty pieces and spread about the city by Delphine, who has taken it upon herself to be the guide in her own museum. After her disappointed customers leave, Queenie is waiting for Delphine and after a strange conversation (that references Paula Deen), Queenie stabs her. Is this finally the end of the notorious killer?

Fiona’s illness is getting worse and, in what appears to be a peace offering, tries to give the necklace to Cordelia as a gesture of farewell. Cordelia lets Fiona put the necklace on her and as she does, she witnesses a vision of all the dead girls in the house (in pretty horrific detail), and her mother ripping that necklace from her dead chest.

After seeing what her mother is planning, Cordelia visits the Axeman telling him her vision and exposing Fiona’s real plans. The Axeman doesn’t react well to this news and sets his own plan for revenge in motion.

Having regained her power Cordelia sets about trying to find Misty and, after seeing her in a closed casket, she brings Queenie to help break Misty out of the tomb. When they break it open though, Misty’s not breathing, but Queenie manages to revive her with a spell. Is Queenie the next supreme?

Meanwhile Zoe and Kyle turn up again after leaving the coven to go to Florida only to find out, surprise, surprise, that Frankenkyle cannot be trusted around other living things.

Misty’s return is unexpectedly kick ass – as soon as she sets eyes on Madison she begins to beat the crap out of her and right at that moment, the Axeman walks in leaving a trail of blood behind him, which Cordelia confirms is her mother’s. The girls swiftly take care of him and brutally stab him to death in a flurry of vigorous violence.

After all this drama we find out what has happened to Marie and Delphine. Both of them are entrapped in their own hell of Papa’s design. Marie is forced to torture the innocent daughter of Delphine, as Delphine is made to watch.

Go To Hell was a completely packed episode that left my head spinning and we’re no closer to finding out who the supreme is. With the amount of people that have come back to life this series we have more questions than answers. Is Fiona really dead? Is this really the end for Marie. Why was Frankenkyle even a story line?

I’m certainly looking forward to the last episode and finding out who the next supreme is. Who are you betting on?


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