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American Horror Story: Coven Episode 10 Recap

American Horror Story: Coven Episode 10 Recap

ahs-coven-episode-10‘The White Witch’

After weeks of Stevie Nicks song snippets, we are treated to a performance from the white witch herself. As a pretty big Stevie Nicks fan, I was silly excited about her appearance in Coven and it turns out she really is a white witch and Fiona has brought her as a peace offering to Misty, who’s even more excited than me to see the great Stevie, fainting as soon as she sees her. The first song Stevie played was Rhiannon, with Misty twirling along to it and it’s a scene that shows the calm before the storm.

And what a storm there is! After the last episode, Marie is staying in the Robicheaux Academy and after settling herself down with a hot toddy, a voodoo character appears with coke nails and a serious case of pink eye. Papa Legba turns out to be the secret to her immortality and he’s due another payment in the form of an innocent soul. Quickly she heads to the hospital to steal a baby and after being clocked by the CCTV she gets stopped by police. Showing her voodoo credentials, her eyes glaze over and she tongue-yells at them making the police shoot each other.

Fiona and Marie seem to be getting on and when she finds out that it was in fact Marie who had hired Hank to kill her coven, she dismisses it and still blames Cordelia. Through a Google search (why did she never do this before?) Cordelia finds out that Hank’s father is actually alive but he’s also the CEO of a private-equity firm that is a cover for witch hunters. When Fiona finds this out, the two frenemies set up a rat maze and use their magic to send the FBI to raid the corporation.

Fiona’s cancer is spreading though and she ends up passing out. When she wakes up Marie is trying to banish the bad vibes with incense and this change in their relationship is really fascinating to watch; they have so much in common so it makes sense to see the relationship between the two altering. When Fiona explains to Marie that her cancer is more aggressive because of the strength of the new supreme, Marie divulges her secret about Papa Legba. Although warned about how much you have to give in return, Fiona attempts to sell her soul and even treats the voodoo master to some complimentary lines of coke but he soon discovers that Fiona has no soul to sell.

Straight after receiving this news her ghost lover, the Axeman, appears to offer her some words of comfort and tells her she’ll have to get rid of the next supreme, to which she flippantly says, “I’ll just kill them all”. No soul indeed Fiona.

We still don’t know who the next supreme is, although Madison is a more likely candidate after becoming even more vicious following her resurrection. Her heart is now working and she’s showing signs of becoming another Fiona. She manipulates the naive Misty, who she sees as her biggest competition and after making Misty question herself, she smacks her over the head with a brick and makes her fall into a coffin that will soon be buried.

Nan’s powers are growing too and after finding out that Luke has died, she goes to visit his mother Joan. When Nan finds out what actually happened, her usually sweet demeanour breaks and she uses her telekinesis to get Joan to kill herself by drinking bleach and she throws Zoe across the room. Nan is getting arrogant with her power and when she finds Marie’s stolen baby in the house, she actually threatens the voodoo priestess and in a darkly humorous scene meets her end at the hands of Marie and Fiona. They realise they can ‘kill two birds with one stone’ by offering Nan’s (pretty) clean soul to Papa Legba.

Myrtle once again provided the laugh-out-loud moment of the episode. Playing the thermion whilst Cordelia is having a total crisis about her lack of powers, she offers some truly great advice to the witch – “Your salad dressing is magical! Maybe you could bottle it”. Myrtle is quickly becoming my favourite character this season, her mix of complete madness with intelligence and fashion make her a wonderfully realised eccentric.

This was a great return episode of Coven, it feels like all the threads are coming together into a much more solid storyline. Roll on next week.


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