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Amanda Mair Interview

Amanda Mair Interview

amandamairListening to Amanda Mair’s voice you would be forgiven for mistaking her for Kate Bush. Magical, blissful and absolutely enchanting, it’s fair to say that the 18 year old is Sweden’s answer to Bush, with a significantly contemporary twist. There’s that similar quality that makes you feel as if you’re listening to something special, though the accompaniment is poppier, more suited to the modern age and the average listener. Mair’s voice holds a maturity difficult to obtain even for someone beyond her years and there’s a natural melody that lingers on every line of lyrics that leaves her lips. Here she tells us about her music background, her involvement in her music videos and her recent stay in London, where she performed at The Lexington.

Q: You were discovered at such a young age…was that daunting at all?

Amanda: Not really daunting but very exciting and sometimes a bit overwhelming. Everything happened very quickly so I almost didn’t understand what was actually happening. But I did what I’ve always wanted to do, singing and doing music… so it was just fun.

Q: So what’s your musical background? Was singing and piano something that came naturally to you or did you have lessons as a child?

Amanda: I started singing when I was like five years old and I’ve always loved dancing and miming to different songs. A couple of years after that I started taking singing lessons and then two years later I started studying classical piano. After a while I got tired of the classical piano so I started to compose myself while singing. That was how I kind of developed my own set-up – ‘me singing and playing piano’!

Q: What music artists do you look up to?

Amanda: My whole life I’ve always looked up to those amazing singers like Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. They have voices made of gold.

Q: What’s the inspiration behind the single Sense?

Amanda: For me Sense is about my journey through my musical development. From when I was first discovered, until today. Sense means a lot to me!

Q: Was the concept for the House video your idea?

Amanda: The concept was Philip’s idea and he’s also the one who has produced the album, written some of the songs and edited my videos. He does a lot of things and does them incredibly well!

Q: How much input do you generally have with regards to video concepts?

Amanda: I always want to be involved with everything that has something do to with my music and I think it’s important to be aware and familiar with a project or an idea. So for my two videos, Philip and I have been processing our ideas together to make the best result and something that we can both be happy with!

Q: You recently performed at The Lexington in London, what was that like? Was the English crowd hospitable? We hope so!

Amanda: Yes, I was there in June and had my second show in London. It was a great show! The audience was brilliant and with my 18th birthday, and my sisters who were there with me, the night was perfect!

Q: For those who missed out on seeing you when you were here, will you be coming back to the UK again soon? Possibly for a longer tour?

Amanda: Nothing is set yet but I want to come back for a longer tour and I will!

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