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Allie Moss Interview

Allie Moss Interview

allie mossThere are certain things you should know about Allie Moss. She’s from New Jersey, USA, and though she may say the word ‘yeah’ weirdly, she bears no resemblance to anyone from Jersey Shore, thankfully. She’s just like you and me, only more talented. She’s a triple threat in the music world – singer, songwriter and guitar player. It would be easy to be sick with envy if it wasn’t for the fact that her music instantly calms and comforts any jealously you might have felt. Everything else you need to know you can find below.

Q. What influences you as an artist and musician?

Allie: Great art. Nothing makes me want to write a good song more than hearing a really good song.

Q. What made you take the leap from average office job to being a singer/guitarist?

Allie: I made a plan to take steps away from one thing and towards the other. And when the jump didn’t seem so far, I leapt for it.

Q. Is there one of your songs in particular that you’d pick out as your favourite?

Allie: Dig With Me. It was a song that I wrote quickly and only later did I realize what I was saying in it. People have responded to it, and that part means a lot to me.

Q. What type of atmosphere accompanies your performances? Is there a certain vibe that you hope people get from your music?

Allie: Get in, make ‘em cry, get out. Just kidding. I want the audience to smile, to feel something, be entertained. Nothing I want less than for a listener to be apathetic about my set.

Q. You regularly perform with Ingrid Michaelson, how did you meet?

Allie: Myspace. (Seriously.)

Q. What other singer or musician would you love to collaborate or perform with in the future?

Allie: David Bazan. Bon Iver. Bjork. A girl can dream.

Q. Your music has been featured on Pretty Little Liars and Bones, are there any other TV shows that you’d like to hear your music featured on?

Allie: 30 Rock?

Q. Do you think it benefits a music artist when they have their songs featured on TV or in movies?

Allie: Oh, definitely. People are hearing the music that otherwise wouldn’t have.

Q. What one song or album do you wish you’d written?

Allie: The song I wish I’d written is my current favorite workout song: “Sooner or Later” by Mat Kearney.

Q. I love your merchandise, the typewriter design speaks to the writer in me! Who designs them and what inspires the illustrations?

Allie: Thanks! The typewriter tee was part of my “Late Bloomer” album art by David Ryan Robinson, a wonderful artist from the UK. The physical album is a book of illustrations, one for each song, and we drew from that for the merchandise. I’ve also worked a lot with Stephanie Layton of Red Scandal Graphics. She made my UK tour poster & my favourite merch item, a seahorse tee that has my name hidden in the illustration.

Q. You’re currently on tour, what does that have in store for you?

Allie: I’ll be playing a little bit of bass, which has been fun to learn.

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