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All These Dreams – Andrew Combs Review

All These Dreams – Andrew Combs Review

andrew-combs-all-these-dreamsReleased: January 2015

From the opening bars of Rainy Day Song, the first track on Andrew Combs’ second album, All These Dreams, it is clear the engaging singer/songwriter has channeled the spirit of his native Nashville.

Smooth country licks wrapped up in beautifully sung melodies and sparkling arrangements, but all tinged with the earthy Nashville feel of traditional country ballads, Combs’ music is the thinking man’s country star.

Across the 11 tracks that make up All These Dreams, luscious percussion and finely crafted string segments take this to another level of songwriting arrangement, but at the heart is still a plethora of gritty guitar sequences.

The lovelorn laments of Nothing To Lose combine with the top down driving anthem of Foolin and the album’s highlight, the serene and exquisite Suwannee River to create a fiercely rich collection of tunes.

One gets the impression that Combs will be hugely important to his fans but unlikely to break into the big time. But perhaps that is for the best – All These Dreams can be our little secret.


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