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all-my-tomorrowsReleased: 2014

Brace yourselves as you’re thrown head first into 1940’s England with the new book by Ellie Dean! All My Tomorrows follows the life of Ruby Clark as she runs away from all she’s ever known to save herself from a tumultuous marriage.

It starts in Bow, London, where Ruby is constantly beaten by her husband yet still manages to attend her job as a barmaid at The Anchor. That is until one dark night when the air raid sirens start screaming. Ruby’s life will change forever as she’s forced to flee London for the first time in her life, leave everything she knows and run to the seaside.

Elsewhere in Cliffehaven, Peggy Reilly, the owner of a local boarding house, is going through her own problems with a house full of girls, a young baby, a dog, her Father-in-law and 2 ferrets. Throw in some Irish charm, a sister similar to Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced Bouquet) and a lot of American soldiers and you can see it’s not your average boarding house.

You might think that Cliffehaven would have a lot less to offer than London but Ruby finds her feet and starts making a go of things. When everything starts to go wrong, she meets Peggy Reilly.

If I tell you any more of the storyline it may be a massive spoiler. So instead I’ll tell you this, All My Tomorrows has underlying issues regarding gender whilst being a fast paced and exciting read (apart from the start which does take a while to get going). It envelops the reader in Britain in the Blitz with such emotion that I nearly cried several times throughout the book. It’s definitely worth reading and is not to be judged solely by its cover!