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Outplay Entertainment’s new action-packed tower defense game, Alien Creeps TD, is now available to download for free on iPhone, iPad, and iPod via the Apple app store.

Alien Creeps TD will test players’ creep-blasting skills in an intense story-driven campaign featuring three different game modes, packed with over 50 insane challenges to complete, and 60 achievements to unlock.
Alien-Creeps-TD-LogoThe game also features 50 defense towers that players must build and use strategically, aided with the help of powerful hero characters each with their own unique special abilities, in order to hold off the incoming alien swarms.

Need even more help to keep those pesky aliens from invading the planet? Get your friends to share explosive airstrikes and infantry reinforcements with you, to give you that extra boost in the war to save Earth.

“The unique features, co-op play, and overall slick visuals we’ve crammed into Alien Creeps TD makes it one of the coolest tower-defense games available in the free-to-play arena,” said Outplay President, Richard Hare. “This tower defense game is packed with action and will keep gamers coming back for more.”

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