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Alien – Allan Rose Review

Alien – Allan Rose Review

allan-rose-alienReleased through Spectra Records, Alien is the new single from pop singer-songwriter Allan Rose. A former Brit School classmate of Adele and Katy B, Rose is hoping to carve out a career in the same vein as his successful peers.

And based on the new single Alien, he has a good chance of doing just that.

In a period when a lot of pop, even the good stuff, is sounding very similar, Alien – with its percussion based verses and simple melodies which allow for the bigger chorus to really shine – is a different proposition to most.

The struggle, as ever, is getting the right people to listen to independent music, but there’s every chance that this particular brand of alt-pop might just turn a few heads. The single is out now.

Check out Allan Rose on SoundCloud here.

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