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For the most part ‘Closure’ is set-up for (what was in America at least) the first half of a midseason finale. In past reviews for Doctor Who I expressed my dissatisfaction with these sorts of episodes, which often have very little content themselves and simply lay the groundwork for the events of next week. However, ‘Closure’ is far from the worst of these set-up episodes I’ve seen and does have a few interesting events to keep viewers excited throughout.

Opening on the tragedy of the loss of easily the best romantic pairing this show has presented, the chemistry between Clark Gregg and Constance Zimmer enhancing many episodes this season. SHIELD bids goodbye to Rosson (a shipping name I just invented) by showing their amazing connection one last time before quickly dispatching of Rosalind. Rosalind is frigid in classic comic book fashion, providing Coulson with more motivation to take down Ward (as if anymore was really needed).

‘Closure’ is very much Clark Gregg’s episode, allowing him to showcase a fair amount of range, first while mourning Rosalind and then when he gives way to his rage. Unfortunately as soon as he becomes full of fury there’s no real glimpse of anything else from his performance. This gives way to a well done action sequence as Coulson fights off some of Ward’s men, showing off his smarts and fighting skill. It’s quite a quick fight but is able to make Coulson look far cooler than he has been since taking over as director of SHIELD.agents-of-shield-season-3-episode-9-still-02The death of his love interest drives Coulson to finally track down and stop Ward, despite the fact that much of the storyline this season has already been devoted to this thread. First he chooses to chat with his team, to gain any intel they may have about Ward. It’s an interesting series of quick conversations which give explanations for why each of them hate Ward. When HYDRA kidnap Fitz and Simmons to help them open the portal, Coulson takes Hunter and Bobbi on an off the books mission to kidnap Ward’s brother to use as leverage.

Through tracking a phone conversation with Ward, the team realise that HYDRA intends to use the Welsh castle seen earlier this season to open their portal to Maveth. Temporary leader Mack (who for some reason is Coulson’s first choice for taking over command) orders Daisy to assemble her team of Inhumans, meaning that hopefully we will finally get to see them in action next week. After hearing Simmons be tortured, Fitz agrees to travel to Maveth with Ward if she is no longer harmed. Realising that backup won’t arrive in time, Coulson chooses to jump out of a plane into the portal before it closes, trapping him on Maveth with Ward in his sights.

The pieces are all in place for a stronger episode next week, which should hopefully provide some closure for the Ward conflict of the season. I’m also intrigued to see what HYDRA find on Maveth, as the mysterious Inhuman they worship would make for an interesting threat going forward.


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