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‘Among Us Hide’

May and Bobbi take over Hunter’s mission to kill Ward, while everyone else delves further into the ATCU’s secrets in a surprisingly eventful episode.  

It’s great to finally have Bobbi back in action and her test fight with May is one of the first great action scenes of the episode. The story of Bobbi on the sidelines has felt odd all season and I’m glad it has finally been resolved and she can finally kick HYDRA butt again. The pair’s mission makes up some of the best scenes, first taking them on a failed bank heist to discover information about Alex Von Strucker.  

It’s interesting to see the gang attempt something other than fighting from the get-go, making it feel slightly off when May calls it out as a weakness – they are spies after all. The final fight as May and Bobbi find Alex being interrogated by Ward’s right hand man, Kebo, is fun to watch, providing some tense moments as Bobbi attempts to take on a superior opponent. Her defeat of Kebo shows her return to form, as signified by her great power stance at the end.agents-of-shield-season-3-episode-6-still-03The ATCU side of the story finally takes a slight step forward this week, with Coulson becoming privy to the inside of their base and their method for containing Inhumans finally being revealed. The road there is a bit bumpy, with Rosalind tricking (and flirting) with Coulson in an attempt to delay his visit. It’s always a delight to see the chemistry between Gregg and Zimmer but their story here feels like mostly filler. A little bit is discovered about Rosalind – it’s revealed that she wants to cure the Inhumans because she wasn’t able to save her husband from cancer – going a long way towards humanising her character. 

Meanwhile the rest of the team believe Rosalind’s right hand man is in fact the big bad Lash and tail him in an attempt to find out. This ends up with them watching Coulson and Rosalind at the base via spy cam, with Daisy horrified by what she sees. Rosalind presents an interesting viewpoint for the Inhuman transformations, searching for a cure for what many people see as a curse. Coulson appears to agree with Rosalind’s views and it will be interesting where he stands when Daisy confronts him.

May and Bobbi’s storyline leads to the revelation of who Lash really is, and it is someone who will shake the team to its core. I can’t wait until next week to see how these storylines come to a head.


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