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‘Devils You Know’

We’re three episodes into this season and yet it feels like very little has happened. Beyond Agent Simmons being saved in episode 2, it feels like no next to no progress has been made in many of the overarching plots. The SHIELD vs ATCU plot continues to slowly boil over, with the two teams now acting as uneasy partners. While Simmons is back, she’s finding it hard to adjust to the real world and we have yet to discover where she was or why she wants to return. Hunter finally gets to face Ward by episode’s end but seems to fail in his mission overall. As a whole it makes for a very frustrating episode.

‘Devils You Know’ starts with Daisy and the team attempting to recruit some Inhumans who are aware of their powers to the new Inhuman team (which currently has 2 members including Daisy). Things go awry as Lash shows up to take them out before SHIELD reinforcements can arrive. The ATCU show up after the attack and work alongside SHIELD throughout the episode, while still keeping many things secret from Coulson. Together they’re able to find details on an Inhuman named Frye who experiences painful headaches in the presence of Inhumans, making him a tracker of sorts. They discover that Lash has been using him to find his targets, but he’s killed before he can provide any useful intel on the threat.agents-of-shield-season-3-episode-2For much of the episode the Hunter plot appears to be going nowhere but is saved by a brief showdown featuring Hunter and May vs a team of HYDRA agents. Not surprisingly May does most of the work, raising the question of why Hunter is even there. Coulson really needs some new agents. Ward pulls a trick on the pair, announcing that he can kill Andrew, May’s ex-husband, and will do so unless they leave. Hunter attempts to take down Ward anyway and Andrew is seemingly killed while Ward escapes. Even if Andrew survives this will create some interesting tension between Hunter and May which I look forward to seeing play out (I kind of hope she kills him).

Very little happens with Simmons’ plotline though she does get one of the best scenes of the episode, as she discusses her rehab with Bobbi. Bobbi’s rehab is a story that has kept her out of the action and they seem to be struggling to find things for her to do beyond look moody that she’s stuck at the base. The scene between the two allows them both to voice their frustrations but I still hope Bobbi gets more to do in the weeks ahead.

Next week’s episode seems to be set completely on the planet where Simmons’ was trapped so should provide some answers on that front. I only hope that in the next few weeks the other plotlines advance at a slightly steadier pace.


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