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Agents of Shield Season 3, Episode 20 Review

Agents of Shield Season 3, Episode 20 Review


This week’s episode of SHIELD addresses the Captain America: Civil War tie-in early on, with Talbot name dropping the Sokavia Accords, the guidelines brought into legitimatise superhero activity. Talbot believes that SHIELD should be made to agree to the accords, revealing the Inhumans they know of and waiting for Government approval before acting. Coulson argues that SHIELD works best hiding in the shadows and by doing what has to be done as quickly as possible. The rest of the episode can be seen as an argument over who is right.

The show doesn’t seem overly interested in presenting both sides of the argument though. Other than the occasional input from Talbot, the rest of the episode highlights the importance of their kind of spy work. The plan put in place by May and Lincoln requires the ignorance of even the rest of the team to be effective, putting lives at risk in the process but in the end is successful. The only plan Talbot can offer is calling an air strike on the area where Hive is, lying to the President to get the strike approved.

Meanwhile Hive is still working to create new Inhumans, now with the help of Daisy’s Kree infused blood. Hive has been a bit inconsistent in recent weeks and now seems to be prepared to sacrifice Daisy to create his new race, having previously shown some affection towards her. Hive’s experiments are partially successful, creating some sort of Kree/Human hybrids who are super strong and fiercely loyal.agents-of-shield-season-3-episode-20-still-02It has become clear that Hive doesn’t care about advancing the human race, being only interested in having an army of slaves – pushing him into full on villain territory. At least this leaves Hive with a clear goal heading into the finale, releasing a warhead loaded with his new toxin above the Earth’s atmosphere to turn billions of people into his slaves.

The reveal of the extent of May and Lincoln’s deception is very well done, revealing that Lincoln actually swapped places with Lash leading to a quite well done showdown between the two. Lash actually seems capable of hurting Hive, as well as wiping out his infection from Inhumans. Which is why it is such a shame he is dispatched so quickly in the end. Dr Garner is able to present himself one last time to help Daisy, saving her from Hive’s sway and bringing her back to her friends.

But will Daisy be enough to help SHIELD defeat Hive? I fully expect the Secret Warriors to be reassembled for next week’s episode in one last attempt to put a stop to Hive and his forces. All will be revealed next week in what is sure to be an explosive finale.


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