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‘Failed Experiments’

This week’s SHIELD follows on from the recent week’s momentum, with Hive working on creating more Inhumans. Meanwhile Coulson and co try to figure out what Hive is up to and whether they can save Daisy (and presumably the other Inhumans).

The first scene, showing Hive’s creation thousands of years ago, stands out against the regular SHIELD action. It paints the Kree as terrifying individuals, abducting ancient humans and conducting experiments – similar to classic alien myths. Hive appears to be no better, performing the same experiments on humans in an attempt to make them like him. What is surprising is that when Hive’s first experiments fail, in a gruesome fashion, Hive lashes out. Perhaps this is just anger that he doesn’t have more soldiers, or perhaps Hive actually cares for humans after all.

It turns out for the experiments to be successful Dr Radcliffe requires Kree blood, forcing Hive to summon back the Kree overseas of Earth who have been kept in stasis. Apparently this is what the big bad was referring to when he said the mysterious device could kill him. This leads to some exciting action scenes as Hive and Daisy take on Kree soldiers. Daisy’s is probably the more interesting, despite its briefness, showcasing what she can do with her powers when she doesn’t hold back. This is pushed to the limit when Mack shows up in an attempt to save her, and she nearly crushes his chest in.agents-of-shield-season-3-episode-19-3Mack’s storyline this week is quite slight – he feels personally responsible for Daisy’s fall to the dark side and, in spite of May’s assurances that it isn’t his fault, is determined to be the one to save her. Lincoln is also willing to do everything he can to save Daisy, taking an experimental cure that almost kills him. May states that everyone in SHIELD is determined to blame themselves, and she isn’t wrong. The team really need to get over their guilt and work together if they can ever hope to stop Hive and save Daisy.

The end of the episode brings back the Kree blood in Daisy’s veins from back in season one, painting her as the key to making more Inhumans. Time will tell if these experiments will be more successful but I’m intrigued to see how Hive’s plot develops.


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