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‘The Singularity’

After a few weeks of stalling Agents of SHIELD finally kicked off last week, this week’s episode works on setting things up for the multiple part finale. Daisy is now Hive’s right hand woman, the two working together to gather the remaining Inhumans, with Coulson and co close on their heels. Meanwhile Fitz and Simmons attempt to track down a scientist who may hold the cure to Hive’s mind-control abilities.

Daisy and Hive make a creepy pairing, bringing back memories of how creepy Skye/Ward became towards the end. It is revealed that Hive’s powers bring on feelings of euphoria, with Hive also tapping into Daisy’s desire for a family. It is great to see some more urgency in Hive as well, with elements of his plan finally being revealed. Turning James into an Inhuman is a move that makes sense and his flame powers will make him a powerful threat. Bringing back Alisha is also a smart move, though it is odd that SHIELD didn’t think to keep a closer eye on her.agents-of-shield-season-3-episode-18-2Coulson and May get a few good scenes together as May accuses him of using her to do his dirty work. The comparison to Hive that the show attempts to draw here feels very forced, as the head of SHIELD it is Coulson’s job to give orders after all and at no point has he forced anyone to act against their will. It also doesn’t feel like there is much threat to Coulson and May’s friendship, with the conflict between the two coming out of nowhere really.

This week’s episode only really features one brief action scene, with May and Lincoln taking on copies of Alisha in a parking lot. The most exciting part of this scene is the standoff between Lincoln and one of the Alishas, him channeling his electricity powers to the max leading to a very cool visual. A later scene with Coulson and May being very nearly killed in an explosion also reveals that Coulson can project a SHIELD shield from his new arm, which is geeky yet somehow awesome.

Fitz and Simmons’ mission is quite interesting, taking them to a bar for augmented humans – people who want to be super. This bar feels different to the normal SHIELD locales, the kind of sci-fi concept that I would welcome the show exploring more. Dr Radcliffe is quite an interesting individual as well, a mad scientist who wants to be better than human. John Hannah makes him quite a compelling individual, one I am happy to see sticking around for the near future.agents-of-shield-season-3-episode-18-1The relationship between Fitz and Simmons is also explored further here, first through some awkwardly cute flirting, as the pair attempts to keep their professional relationship strong while developing their romantic one. Fitz comparing their relationship to The Singularity makes for a surprisingly romantic scene, which is both sweet and very, very odd – a perfect summation of their relationship really.

‘The Singularity’ is quite a jam-packed episode, at times feeling a bit overstuffed with plot. After the mid-season lull it is great to see things finally moving along, though it does feel like they could have found a better balance. After the wrapping up of the Lash plot far too quickly a few weeks ago, this week’s episode sees HYDRA being shut down in one scene, essentially off camera. While the Hive plot as the focus does make sense, it almost works to make these other plots feel irrelevant. Hive’s plot to turn the entire planet into Inhumans should make for an interesting finale and, with the other subplots out of the way, Hive should be the main focus in the weeks ahead.


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